East India Company factory records : sources from the British Library, London

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Corporate Authors: East India Company, British Library, Adam Matthew Publications
Published: Marlborough, Wiltshire : Adam Matthew Publications, 2005-
Series:India Office Records ; IOR/G/12/1-IOR/G/12/291.

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MF-14688 (34 reels) pt.1-2

Item List

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Description Local Call Number Status
pt.1 (reel 1) MF-14688 r.1 Available
pt.1 (reel 2) MF-14688 r.2 Available
pt.1 (reel 3) MF-14688 r.3 Available
pt.1 (reel 4) MF-14688 r.4 Available
pt.1 (reel 5) MF-14688 r.5 Available
pt.1 (reel 6) MF-14688 r.6 Available
pt.1 (reel 7) MF-14688 r.7 Available
pt.1 (reel 8) MF-14688 r.8 Available
pt.1 (reel 9) MF-14688 r.9 Available
pt.1 (reel 10) MF-14688 r.10 Available
pt.1 (reel 11) MF-14688 r.11 Available
pt.1 (reel 12) MF-14688 r.12 Available
pt.1 (reel 13) MF-14688 r.13 Available
pt.1 (reel 14) MF-14688 r.14 Available
pt.1 (reel 15) MF-14688 r.15 Available
pt.1 (reel 16) MF-14688 r.16 Available
pt.1 (reel 17) MF-14688 r.17 Available
pt.1 (reel 18) MF-14688 r.18 Available
pt.1 (reel 19) MF-14688 r.19 Available
pt.1 (reel 20) MF-14688 r.20 Available
pt.1 (reel 21) MF-14688 r.21 Available
pt.1 (reel 22) MF-14688 r.22 Available
pt.1 (reel 23) MF-14688 r.23 Available
pt.1 (reel 24) MF-14688 r.24 Available
pt.1 (reel 25) MF-14688 r.25 Available
pt.1 (reel 26) MF-14688 r.26 Available
pt.1 (reel 27) MF-14688 r.27 Available
pt.1 (reel 28) MF-14688 r.28 Available
pt.1 (reel 29) MF-14688 r.29 Available
pt.1 (reel 30) MF-14688 r.30 Available
pt.1 (reel 31) MF-14688 r.31 Available
pt.1 (reel 32) MF-14688 r.32 Available
pt.1 (reel 33) MF-14688 r.33 Available
pt.1 (reel 34) MF-14688 r.34 Available
pt.2 (reel 1) MF-14688 r.35 Available
pt.2 (reel 2) MF-14688 r.36 Available
pt.2 (reel 3) MF-14688 r.37 Available
pt.2 (reel 4) MF-14688 r.38 Available
pt.2 (reel 5) MF-14688 r.39 Available
pt.2 (reel 6) MF-14688 r.40 Available
pt.2 (reel 7) MF-14688 r.41 Available
pt.2 (reel 8) MF-14688 r.42 Available
pt.2 (reel 9) MF-14688 r.43 Available
pt.2 (reel 10) MF-14688 r.44 Available
pt.2 (reel 11) MF-14688 r.45 Available
pt.2 (reel 12) MF-14688 r.46 Available
pt.2 (reel 13) MF-14688 r.47 Available
pt.2 (reel 14) MF-14688 r.48 Available
pt.2 (reel 15) MF-14688 r.49 Available
pt.2 (reel 16) MF-14688 r.50 Available
pt.2 (reel 17) MF-14688 r.51 Available
pt.2 (reel 18) MF-14688 r.52 Available
pt.2 (reel 19) MF-14688 r.53 Available
pt.2 (reel 20) MF-14688 r.54 Available
pt.2 (reel 21) MF-14688 r.55 Available
pt.2 (reel 22) MF-14688 r.56 Available
pt.2 (reel 23) MF-14688 r.57 Available
pt.2 (reel 24) MF-14688 r.58 Available
pt.2 (reel 25) MF-14688 r.59 Available
pt.2 (reel 26) MF-14688 r.60 Available
pt.2 (reel 27) MF-14688 r.61 Available
pt.2 (reel 28) MF-14688 r.62 Available
pt.2 (reel 29) MF-14688 r.63 Available
pt.2 (reel 30) MF-14688 r.64 Available
pt.2 (reel 31) MF-14688 r.65 Available
pt.2 (reel 32) MF-14688 r.66 Available
pt.2 (reel 33) MF-14688 r.67 Available
pt.2 (reel 34) MF-14688 r.68 Available