Church Missionary Society archive. Section II, Missions to women. Parts 1-5

Reproduces papers held at the CMS Headquarters in London and the University of Birmingham Library.

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Corporate Authors: Church Missionary Society, Adam Matthew Publications
Published: Marlborough, Wiltshire : Adam Matthew Publications, 1997-1999.
Online Resource:Online guide to the microfilm set, part 1-3
Online guide to the microfilm set, part 4-5

Manuscript Monograph Microform

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Online guide to the microfilm set, part 1-3
Online guide to the microfilm set, part 4-5


MF-11038 (10 reels) Section 2, pt. 1 (series reel 1-10)
MF-11640 (6 reels) Section 2, pt. 3 (series reel 30-35)
MF-11935 (10 reels) Section 2, pt. 4 (series reel 36-45)
MF-12530 (reel 104-116) Section 2, pt. 5 (series reel 46-58)

Item List

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Description Local Call Number Status
r.85 v.16 pt.8 Mar 1837-May 1838 MF-12530 r.139 Available
r.86 v.17-18 pt.8 May 1838-Dec 1939 MF-12530 r.140 Available
r.87 v.18-19 pt.8 Dec 1839-Apr 1941 MF-12530 r.141 Available
r.88 v.20-21 pt.8 Apr 1841-Nov 1842 MF-12530 r.142 Available
r.89 v.28-29 pt.8 Dec 1853-Dec 1853 MF-12530 r.143 Available
r.90 v.23-24 May pt.8 1844-Nov 1845 MF-12530 r.144 Available
r.91 v.24-25 pt.8 Nov 1845-Apr 1847 MF-12530 r.145 Available
r.92 v.26 pt.8 May 1847-Mar 1849 MF-12530 r.146 Available
r.93 v.28-29 pt.8 Dec 1851-Dec 1853 MF-12530 r.147 Available
r.94 v.28-29 pt.8 Dec 1851-Dec 1853 MF-12530 r.148 Available
reel 1 Sect.2 pt.1 MF-11038 r.1 Available
reel 2 Sect.2 pt.1 MF-11038 r.2 Available
reel 3 Sect.2 pt.1 MF-11038 r.3 Available
reel 4 Sect.2 pt.1 MF-11038 r.4 Available
reel 5 Sect.2 pt.1 MF-11038 r.5 Available
reel 6 Sect.2 pt.1 MF-11038 r.6 Available
reel 7 Sect.2 pt.1 MF-11038 r.7 Available
reel 8 Sect.2 pt.1 MF-11038 r.8 Available
reel 9 Sect.2 pt.1 MF-11038 r.9 Available
reel 10 Sect.2 pt.1 MF-11038 r.10 Available
reel 30 Sect.2 pt.3 MF-11640 r.1 Available
reel 31 Sect.2 pt.3 MF-11640 r.2 Available
reel 32 Sect.2 pt.3 MF-11640 r.3 Available
reel 33 Sect.2 pt.3 MF-11640 r.4 Available
reel 34 Sect.2 pt.3 MF-11640 r.5 Available
reel 35 Sect.2 pt.3 MF-11640 r.6 Available
reel 36 Sect.2 pt.4 MF-11935 r.1 Available
reel 37 Sect.2 pt.4 MF-11935 r.2 Available
reel 38 Sect.2 pt.4 MF-11935 r.3 Available
reel 39 Sect.2 pt.4 MF-11935 r.4 Available
reel 40 Sect.2 pt.4 MF-11935 r.5 Available
reel 41 Sect.2 pt.4 MF-11935 r.6 Available
reel 42 Sect.2 pt.4 MF-11935 r.7 Available
reel 43 Sect.2 pt.4 MF-11935 r.8 Available
reel 44 Sect.2 pt.4 MF-11935 r.9 Available
reel 45 Sect.2 pt.4 MF-11935 r.10 Available
reel 46 Sect.2 pt.5 MF-12530 r.104 Available
reel 47 Sect.2 pt.5 MF-12530 r.105 Available
reel 48 Sect.2 pt.5 MF-12530 r.106 Available
reel 49 Sect.2 pt.5 MF-12530 r.107 Available
reel 50 Sect.2 pt.5 MF-12530 r.108 Available
reel 51 Sect.2 pt.5 MF-12530 r.109 Available
reel 52 Sect.2 pt.5 MF-12530 r.110 Available
reel 53 Sect.2 pt.5 MF-12530 r.111 Available
reel 54 Sect.2 pt.5 MF-12530 r.112 Available
reel 55 Sect.2 pt.5 MF-12530 r.113 Available
reel 56 Sect.2 pt.5 MF-12530 r.114 Available
reel 57 Sect.2 pt.5 MF-12530 r.115 Available
reel 58 Sect.2 pt.5 MF-12530 r.116 Available