Records of the States of the United States of America : a microfilm compilation

Includes legislative records, statutory law, constitutional, administrative, executive, court, and local records, records of American Indian nations, newspapers, rudimentary states and courts, and miscellany.

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Corporate Author: University of North Carolina (1793-1962)
Other Authors: Jenkins, William Sumner, 1902-1978 (Editor)
Published: [Washington, D.C.] : Library of Congress Photoduplication Service, 1949-[1951]
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Government Document Monograph Microform

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MF-3611 r.1-97
MF-3611 r.98-99/e Georgia A.1c-A.1a (1769; 1783-1808)
MF-3611 r.100-102
MF-3611 r.103/e Georgia A.1b (1803-1817)
MF-3611 r.104-143
MF-3611 r.144/e Kentucky A.1a (1812-1821)
MF-3611 r.145-147
MF-3611 r.148/e Kentucky A.1b (1817-1821, 1823)
MF-3611 r.149
MF-3611 r.150-151/e Louisiana A.1a (1812-1860)
MF-3611 r.152-154
MF-3611 r.155/e Louisiana A.1b (1832-1848)
MF-3611 r.156-258
MF-3611 r.259-264/e Mississippi A.1a (1819-857)
MF-3611 r.265-269
MF-3611 r.270-271/e Mississippi A.1b (1819-1836)
MF-3611 r.272-517
MF-3611 r.518-519/e Tennessee A.1a (1813-1831)
MF-3611 r.520-526
MF-3611 r.527-528/e Tennessee A.1b (1817-1829)
MF-3611 r.529-817
MF-3611 r.818/e Illinois B.2 (1809-1832)
MF-3611 r.819-1030
MF-3611 r.1031/e Georgia C (1731-1861)
MF-3611 r.1032-1231
MF-3611 r.1232/e Mass D.11 (1846-1849)
MF-3611 r.1233-1374
MF-3611 r.1375/e Georgia E.1 (1796-1799)
MF-3611 r.1376-1848
MF-3611 r.1849/e New York X.x (1670-1848)
MF-3611 r.1850-1875

Item List

Description Local Call Number Status
MF-3611 r.1100 Available
MF-3611 r.1101 Available
MF-3611 r.1466 Available
MF-3611 r.1565 Available
MF-3611 r.1566 Available
MF-3611 r.1567 Available
MF-3611 r.1568 Available
MF-3611 r.1569 Available
MF-3611 r.1570 Available
MF-3611 r.1571 Available
MF-3611 r.1807 Available
MF-3611 r.368 Available
MF-3611 r.389 Available
MF-3611 r.390 Available
MF-3611 r.391 Available
MF-3611 r.463 Available
MF-3611 r.464 Available
MF-3611 r.465 Available
MF-3611 r.467 Available
MF-3611 r.468 Available
MF-3611 r.482 Available
MF-3611 r.483 Available
MF-3611 r.484 Available
MF-3611 r.485 Available
MF-3611 r.486 Available
MF-3611 r.729 Available
MF-3611 r.972 Available
(series reel 9) 1794-1799 MF-3611 r.471 Available
(series reel 21) 1800-1804 MF-3611 r.472 Available
(series reel 22) 1804-1808 MF-3611 r.473 Available
(series reel 23) 1792-1795 MF-3611 r.504 Available
(series reel 23) 1808-1812 MF-3611 r.474 Available
(series reel 23A) 1776-1797 MF-3611 r.505 Available
(series reel 24) 1798-1804 MF-3611 r.506 Available
(series reel 24) 1812-1817 MF-3611 r.475 Available
(series reel 25) 1804-1808 MF-3611 r.507 Available
(series reel 25) 1817-1821 MF-3611 r.476 Available
(series reel 26) 1809-1813 MF-3611 r.508 Available
(series reel 26) 1822-1826 MF-3611 r.477 Available
(series reel 27) 1814-1818 MF-3611 r.509 Available
(series reel 27) 1827-1832 MF-3611 r.478 Available
(series reel 29)1848-1857 MF-3611 r.480 Available
(series reel 30) 1828-1832 MF-3611 r.512 Available
(series reel 30) 1858-1866 MF-3611 r.481 Available
(series reel 31) 1842-1850 MF-3611 r.513 Available
(series reel 32) 1851-1858 MF-3611 r.514 Available
1736-1739 MF-3611 r.487 Available
1738/39-1741 MF-3611 r.488 Available
1755-1783 MF-3611 r.1490 Available
1775-1785 MF-3611 r.1272 Available
1784-1790 MF-3611 r.444 Available
1787-1810 MF-3611 r.643 Available
1787-1892 Mass MF-3611 r.240 Available
1792-1796 Mass MF-3611 r.241 Available
1813-1821 MF-3611 r.309 Available
1816-1820 MF-3611 r.315 Available
1816-1821 MF-3611 r.584 Available
1818-1832 MF-3611 r.776 Available
1820-1821 MF-3611 r.379 Available
1820-1822 MF-3611 r.363 Available
1821-1824 MF-3611 r.316 Available
1822-1831 MF-3611 r.310 Available
1825-1828 MF-3611 r.317 Available
1828-1831 MF-3611 r.318 Available
1828-1842 MF-3611 r.1273 Available
1830-1838 MF-3611 r.286 Available
1830-1840 MF-3611 r.283 Available
1831-1847 MF-3611 r.479 Available
1832 - 1838 MF-3611 r.392 Available
1832-1836 MF-3611 r.319 Available
1832-1848 Louisiana MF-3611 r.155/e (series r.3) Available
1836-1839 MF-3611 r.320 Available
1840-1842 MF-3611 r.321 Available
1840-1842 MF-3611 r.393 Available
1844-1846 MF-3611 r.288 Available
1844-1846 MF-3611 r.394 Available
1848-1850 MF-3611 r.395 Available
1851-1853 MF-3611 r.524 Available
1857-1908 MF-3611 r.1751 Available
1865-1871 Nebraksa. Legislature Series r.2 MF-3611 r.299 Available
1867-1868 MF-3611 r.1811 Available
1871-1872 MF-3611 r.303 Available
1878-1880 MF-3611 r.1025 Available
1893-1895 MF-3611 r.427 Available
1895-1897 MF-3611 r.425 Available
Alabama; A.1a; 1855-1866 MF-3611 r.4 (series r.4) Available
Alabama; A.1b; 1859-1866 MF-3611 r.10 (series r.5) Available
Alabama; A.1b; 1868-1870 1899 MF-3611 r.11 (series r.6) Available
Arkansas-A.1a 1860-1862 1862-1874 MF-3611 r.20 (series r.5) Available
Arkansas-A.1a 1874-1875 MF-3611 r.21 (series r.6) Available
Arkansas-A.1a 1877-1879 MF-3611 r.22 (series r.7) Available
Arkansas-A.1a 1919-1920 1933-1934 MF-3611 r.23 (series r.8) Available
Arkansas-A.1a:b 1819-1821 1823 1825 1827-1829 1831 MF-3611 r.16 (series r.1) Available
Arkansas-A.1a Jan 13-Mar 13 1941 MF-3611 r.25 (series r.10) Available
Arkansas-A.1a Jan 13-Mar 13 1941 MF-3611 r.26 (series r.11) Available
Arkansas-A.1a Jan 14-Mar 1935 MF-3611 r.24 (series r.9) Available
Arkansas-A.1b 1842-1850 MF-3611 r.27 (series r.3) Available
Arkansas-A.1b 1852-1856 MF-3611 r.28 (series r.4) Available
Arkansas-A.1b 1858-1860 MF-3611 r.29 (series r.5) Available
Arkansas-A.1b 1861-1864 MF-3611 r.30 (series r.6) Available
Arkansas-A.1b 1873 MF-3611 r.31 (series r.7) Available
Arkansas-A.1b 1874 MF-3611 r.32 (series r.8) Available
Arkansas-A.1b 1874-1875 MF-3611 r.33 (series r.9) Available
Arkansas-A.1b 1877 MF-3611 r.34 (series r.10) Available
Arkansas-A.1b 1879 1919 MF-3611 r.35 (series r.11) Available
Arkansas-A.1b 1920/1933-1934 MF-3611 r.36 (series r.12) Available
Arkansas-A.1b 1935 MF-3611 r.37 (series r.13) Available
Arkansas-A.1b 1935-1941 MF-3611 r.38 (series r.14) Available
Arkansas-A.1b 1941 MF-3611 r.39 (series r.15) Available
California-A.1a 1852-1854 MF-3611 r.42 (series r.3) Available
Conn. 1673-1790 MF-3611 r.1132 Available
Conn. 1787-1813 MF-3611 r.1130 Available
Conn. 1793-1840 MF-3611 r.1133 Available
Conn. 1807-1849 MF-3611 r.1131 Available
Conn. 1809-1849 MF-3611 r.1134 Available
Conn. 1809-1849 MF-3611 r.1135 Available
Conn. E.1 r.1 1710-1818 MF-3611 r.1365 Available
Connecticut-A.1a 1677-1740 MF-3611 r.52 (series r.1) Available
Delaware-A.1a 1833-1849 MF-3611 r.71 (series r.4) Available
Delaware-A.1b 1841-1847 MF-3611 r.82 (series r.8) Available
Georgia-B.2; 1826-1832 MF-3611 r.814 (series r.5) Available
Georgia A.1a (1789-1808) MF-3611 r.99/e (series r.1) Available
Georgia A.1b (1803-1817) MF-3611 r.103/e (series r.2) Available
Georgia A.1c (1769-1789) MF-3611 r.98/e (series r.1) Available
Georgia C (1731-1861) MF-3611 r.1031/e (series r.1) Available
Georgia E.1 (1796-1799) MF-3611 r.1375/e (series r.6) Available
Illinois-A.1a 1830 1832 1834 MF-3611 r.114 (series r.2) Available
Illinois-A.1b 1830 1832 1834 MF-3611 r.116 (series r.2) Available
Illinois B.2 (1809-1832) MF-3611 r.818/e (series r.1) Available
Ind-C 1816-1851 MF-3611 r.1039 (Series r.1) Available
Kentucky A.1a (1812-1821) MF-3611 r.144/e (series r.2) Available
Kentucky A.1b (1817-1821 1823) MF-3611 r.148/e (series r.4) Available
Louisiana A.1a (1812 1814 1816 1818-1820 1822-1824 1826-1828 1830-1833 1835-1837 1839-1841 1843) MF-3611 r.150/e (series r.2) Available
Louisiana A.1a (1844-1860) MF-3611 r.151/e (series r.3) Available
Maryland-B.2; 1785-1801 MF-3611 r.859 (series r.4) Available
Mass D.11 (1846-1849) MF-3611 r.1232/e (series r.2) Available
Massachusetts-B.2a:b 1775-1792 MF-3611 r.865 (series r.3) Available
Massachusetts-B.2b 1742-1774 MF-3611 r.864 (series r.2) Available
Massachusetts 1690-1750 Journal of the House of Representatives
  • Sent on loan 9/21/1987. Patron reports lost. Declared missing 6/17/2014.
MF-3611 r.229-232 Available
Mississippi-B.2; 1799-1805 MF-3611 r.881 (series r.1) Available
Mississippi-B.2; 1805-1822 MF-3611 r.882 (series r.2) Available
Mississippi-E.1; 1797-1810 MF-3611 r.1457 (series r.1) Available
Mississippi-E.1; 1810-1827 MF-3611 r.1458 (series r.2) Available
Mississippi A.1a (1819-1830) MF-3611 r.259/e (series r.2) Available
Mississippi A.1a (1830-1839) MF-3611 r.260/e (series r.3) Available
Mississippi A.1a (1840-1842) MF-3611 r.261/e (series r.4) Available
Mississippi A.1a (1843-1846) MF-3611 r.262/e (series r.5) Available
Mississippi A.1a (1848-1852) MF-3611 r.263/e (series r.6) Available
Mississippi A.1a (1854-1857) MF-3611 r.264/e (series r.7) Available
Mississippi A.1b (1819-1827) MF-3611 r.270/e (series r.3) Available
Mississippi A.1b (1828-1836) MF-3611 r.271/e (series r.4) Available
New Jersey E.1c 1703-1844 MF-3611 r.1467 Available
New York X.x (1670-1848) MF-3611 r.1849/e (series r.1) Available
Tennessee A.1a (1813-1824) MF-3611 r.518/e (series r.2) Available
Tennessee A.1a (1825-1831) MF-3611 r.519/e (series r.3) Available
Tennessee A.1b (1817-1824) MF-3611 r.527/e (series r.2) Available
Tennessee A.1b (1825-1829) MF-3611 r.528/e (series r.3) Available
r.28 1819-1822 MF-3611 r.510 Available
r.29 1823-1828 MF-3611 r.511 Available