Pamphlets about Iraq.

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Published: Chicago, Ill. ; Bethlehem, Pa. : Microfilmed for Middle East Microform Project, the Center for Research Libraries, by Backstage Library Works, 2010.
Series:Library of Congress Arabic Pamphlet Collection ; Part 2.
Global Resources Program:Middle East Materials Project (MEMP)

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1.Politics 1.1-42 MF-16603 r.1 Available
1.Politics 1.43-63 2.Gulf War 2.1-31 MF-16603 r.2 Available
2.Gulf War 2.32-39. 3.Speeches 3.1-20 MF-16603 r.3 Available
3.Speeches 3.21-50 MF-16603 r.4 Available
4.Economy 4.1-37 MF-16603 r.5 Available
4.Economy 4.38-51. 5.Social Issues. 6.Antiquities MF-16603 r.6 Available