The Anti-septic.

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Other Authors: Rama Rau, U.
Published: [Madras] : [U. Rama Rau]
Madurai : R. Lakshmipathy.
Online Resource:Refer to guide to determine which issues are filmed on which reel
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Global Resources Program:South Asia Materials Project (SAMP)

Serial Microform

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Refer to guide to determine which issues are filmed on which reel


MF-18172 SAMP (66 reels) (summary holdings) v.1-8 (1904-1911); v.11-66 (1914-1969); v.70, no.3 (Mar 1973); v.87, no.9 (Sep 1990)
Detailed holdings (66 reels) (many issues filmed out of order. Refer to url below for exact issue locations) v.1, no.1,8 (May, Dec 1904); v.2, no.1,8-9 (Jan,Aug-Sep 1905); v.2, no.12-v.3, no.1(Dec 1905-Jan 1906); v.3, no.12-v.4, no.1 (Dec 1906-Jan 1907); v.4, no.12-v.5, no.2 (Dec 1907-Feb 1908); v.5, no.5 (May 1908); v.5, no.12-v.6, no.1 (Dec 1908-Jan 1909); v.6, no.5-6 (May-Jun 1909); v.6, no.12-v.7, no.1 (Dec 1909-Jan 1910); v.7, no.8-9 (Aug-Sep 1910); v.7, no.12-v.8, no.1 (Dec 1910-Jan 1911); v.8, no.10-12 (Oct-Dec 1911);v.11, no.1 (Jan 1914); v.11, no.12-v.12, no.1 (Dec 1914-Jan 1915); v.12, no.12-v.13, no.1 (Dec 1915-Jan 1916); v.13, no.3-4 (Mar-Apr 1916); v.13, no.12-v.14, no.1 (Dec 1916-Jan 1917); v.14, no.8-9 (Aug-Sep 1917); v.14, no.12-v.15, no.1 (Dec 1917-Jan 1918); v.15, no.12-v.16, no.1 (Dec 1918-Jan 1919); v.16, no.3-4 (Mar-Apr 1919); v.16, no.12-v.17, no.1 (Dec 1919-Jan 1920); v.17, no.10-v.18, no.1 (Oct 1920-Jan 1921); v.18, no.12-v.19, no.1 (Dec 1921-Jan 1922); v.19, no.5-6,12 (May-Jun, Dec 1922); v.20, no.4,6 (Apr, Jun 1923); v.21, no.3,8 (Mar, Aug 1924); v.21, no.11-v.22, no.1 (Nov 1924-Jan 1925); v.22, no.4,7,11 (Apr, Jul, Nov 1925); v.23, no.3,9 (Mar, Sep 1926); v.23, no.11-v.24, no.1 (Nov 1926-Jan 1927); v.24, no.4,7,10 (Apr, Jun, Oct 1927); v.25, no.1-4,7 (Jan-Apr, Jul 1928); v.25, no.12-v.26, no.1 (Dec 1928-Jan 1929); v.26, no.3-4 (Mar-Apr 1929); v.26, no.7,10 (Jul, Oct 1929); v.26, no.12-v.27, no.2 (Dec 1929-Feb 1930); v.27, no.4-7 (Apr-Jul 1930); v.27, no.10-v.28, no.1 (Oct 1930-Jan 1931); v.28, no.3-4 (Mar-Apr 1931); v.28, no.12-v.29, no.2 (Dec 1931-Feb 1932); v.29, no.11-v.30, no.1 (Nov 1932-Jan 1933); v.30, no.8-9 (Aug-Sep 1933); v.30, no.12-v.31, no.3 (Dec 1933-Mar 1934); v.31, no.8-9 (Aug-Sep 1934); v.31, no.12-v.32, no.5 (Dec 1934-May 1935); v.32, no.8-v.33, no.1 (Aug 1935-Jan 1936); v.33, no.4-5,8-9 (Apr-May, Aug-Sep 1936); v.33, no.12-v.34, no.1 (Dec 1936-Jan 1937); v.34, no.8-9 (Aug-Sep 1937); v.34, no.12-v.35, no.1 (Dec 1937-Jan 1938); v.35, no.4-5,9-10 (Apr-May, Sep-Oct 1938); v.35, no.12-v.36, no.1 (Dec 1938-Jan 1939); v.36, no.5-6 (May-Jun 1939); v.36, no.10-v.37, no.1 (Oct 1939-Jan 1940); v.37, no.3-5,11 (Mar-May, Nov 1940); v.38, no.2 (Feb 1941); v.38, no.12-v.39, no.1 (Dec 1941-Jan 1942); v.39, no.11-v.40, no.1 (Nov 1942-Jan 1943); v.40, no.11-v.41, no.1 (Nov 1943-Jan 1944); v.41, no.9-10 (Sep-Oct 1944); v.41, no.12-v.42, no.1 (Dec 1944-Jan 1945); v.42, no.8-9 (Aug-Sep 1945); v.42, no.12-v.43, no.2 (Dec 1945-Feb 1946); v.43, no.4,7-9 (Apr, Jul-Sep 1946); v.44, no.1,5-6 (Jan, May-Jun 1947); v.44, no.12-v.45, no.3 (Dec 1947-Mar 1948); v.45, no.11-v.46, no.1 (Nov 1948-Jan 1949); v.46, no.8-9 (Aug-Sep 1949); v.46, no.12-v.47, no.1 (Dec 1949-Jan 1950); v.47, no.5-6,8-10 (May-Jun, Aug-Oct 1950); v.47, no.12-v.48, no.4 (Dec 1950-Apr 1951); v.48, no.11-v.49, no.1 (Nov 1951-Jan 1952); v.49, no.5-6 (May-Jun 1952); v.49, no.9-v.50, no.2 (Sep 1952-Feb 1953); v.50, no.5-6 (May-Jun 1953); v.50, no.10-v.51, no.1 (Oct 1953-Jan 1954); v.51, no.3,5,7-9 (Mar, May, Jul-Sep 1954); v.51, no.11-v.52, no.1 (Nov 1954-Jan 1955); v.52, no.9-10 (Sep-Oct 1955); v.52, no.12-v.53, no.3 (Dec 1955-Mar 1956); v.53, no.5-9 (May-Sep 1956); v.53, no.11-v.54, no.1 (Nov 1956-Jan 1957); v.54, no.3,6,8-9 (Mar, Jun, Aug-Sep 1957); v.54, no.11-v.55, no.3 (Nov 1957-Mar 1958); v.55, no.6-9 (Jun-Sep 1958); v.55, no.11-v.56, no.1 (Nov 1958-Jan 1959); v.56, no.3-4,7-8 (Mar-Apr, Jul-Aug 1959); v.56, no.12-v.57, no.3 (Dec 1959-Mar 1960); v.57, no.5 (May 1960); v.57, no.11-v.58, no.1 (Nov 1960-Jan 1961); v.58, no.7-8 (Jul-Aug 1961); v.58, no.10-v.59, no.1 (Oct 1961-Jan 1962); v.59, no.5-6 (May-Jun 1962); v.59, no.10-v.60, no.1 (Oct 1962-Jan 1963); v.60, no.7 (Jul 1963); v.60, no.9-v.61, no.1 (Sep 1963-Jan 1964); v.61, no.7-9 (Jul-Sep 1964); v.62, no.1,6-7 (Jan, Jun-Jul 1965); v.62, no.12-v.63, no.1 (Dec 1965-Jan 1966); v.63, no.5-6 (May-Jun 1966); v.63, no.12-v.64, no.1 (Dec 1966-Jan 1967); v.64, no.4-5 (Apr-May 1967); v.65, no.1,3-4 (Jan, Mar-Apr, 1968); v.65, no.12-v.66, no.3 (Dec 1968-Mar 1969); v.66, no.12 (Dec 1969); v.70, no.3 (Mar 1973); v.87, no.9 (Sep 1990)
Neg. MF-at lab

Item List

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Description Local Call Number Status
Apr-Nov 1951,"MNN-4577" MF-18172 r.45 Available
Apr 1916-Aug 1917,"MNN-4596" MF-18172 r.9 Available
Apr 1919-Oct 1920,"MNN-4598" MF-18172 r.11 Available
Apr 1923-Apr 1925,"MNN-4346" MF-18172 r.14 Available
Apr 1929-Jan 1930,"MNN-4350" MF-18172 r.18 Available
Apr 1931-Jan 1932,"MNN-4453" MF-18172 r.20 Available
Apr 1968-Feb 1969,"MNN-4514" MF-18172 r.65 Available
Aug 1946-May 1947,"MNN-4470" MF-18172 r.38 Available
Aug 1964-Jun 1965,"MNN-4510" MF-18172 r.61 Available
Dec 1932-Aug 1933,"MNN-4455" MF-18172 r.22 Available
Dec 1942-Nov 1943,"MNN-4466" MF-18172 r.34 Available
Dec 1943-Sep 1944,"MNN-4467" MF-18172 r.35 Available
Dec 1948-Aug 1949,"MNN-4473" MF-18172 r.41 Available
Dec 1951-Jan 1953,"MNN-4578" MF-18172 r.46 Available
Dec 1956-Nov 1957,"MNN-4582" MF-18172 r.51 Available
Dec 1957-Nov 1958,"MNN-4583" MF-18172 r.53 Available
Dec 1958-Dec 1959,"MNN-4584" MF-18172 r.54 Available
Dec 1960-Jul 1961,"MNN-4586" MF-18172 r.57 Available
Feb-Nov 1932,"MNN-4454" MF-18172 r.21 Available
Feb 1930-Mar 1931,"MNN-4452" MF-18172 r.19 Available
Feb 1953-Dec 1954,"MNN-4579" MF-18172 r.47 Available
Jan-Aug 1937,"MNN-4459" MF-18172 r.27 Available
Jan-Nov 1942,"MNN-4465" MF-18172 r.33 Available
Jan-Nov 1960,"MNN-4585" MF-18172 r.55 Available
Jan-Sep 1955,"MNN-4580" MF-18172 r.49 Available
Jan 1907-Feb 1908,"MNN-4590" MF-18172 r.3 Available
Jan 1915-Mar 1916,"MNN-4595" MF-18172 r.8 Available
Jul 1925-Sep 1926,"MNN-4347" MF-18172 r.15 Available
Jul 1965-May 1966,"MNN-4511" MF-18172 r.62 Available
Jun 1909-Aug 1910,"MNN-4592" MF-18172 r.5 Available
Jun 1922-Apr 1935,"MNN-4600" MF-18172 r.13 Available
Jun 1939-Apr 1940,"MNN-4462" MF-18172 r.30 Available
Jun 1947-Feb 1948,"MNN-4471" MF-18172 r.39 Available
Jun 1950-Mar 1951,"MNN-4475" MF-18172 r.43 Available
Jun 1957-Feb 1960,"MNN-4506" MF-18172 r.52 Available
Jun 1966-Apr 1967,"MNN-4512" MF-18172 r.63 Available
Mar-Dec 1941,"MNN-4464" MF-18172 r.32 Available
Mar-Dec 1969,"MNN-4515" MF-18172 r.66 Available
Mar-Nov 1948,"MNN-4472" MF-18172 r.40 Available
Mar 1908-May 1909,"MNN-4591" MF-18172 r.4 Available
Mar 1928-Mar 1929,"MNN-4349" MF-18172 r.17 Available
Mar 1960-Oct 1962,"MNN-4507" MF-18172 r.56 Available
May 1904-Aug 1905,"MNN-4588" MF-18172 r.1 Available
May 1940-Feb 1941,"MNN-4463" MF-18172 r.31 Available
May 1967-Mar 1968,"MNN-4513" MF-18172 r.64 Available
Nov 1911-Dec 1914,"MNN-4594" MF-18172 r.7 Available
Nov 1920-May 1922,"MNN-4599" MF-18172 r.12 Available
Nov 1926-Feb 1928,"MNN-4348" MF-18172 r.16 Available
Nov 1935-Dec 1936,"MNN-4458" MF-18172 r.26 Available
Nov 1953-Aug 1956,"MNN-4505" MF-18172 r.48 Available
Nov 1961-Mar 1973,"MNN-4587" MF-18172 r.58 Available
Nov 1962-Sep 1963,"MNN-4508" MF-18172 r.59 Available
Oct 1938-May 1939,"MNN-4461" MF-18172 r.29 Available
Oct 1944-Aug 1945,"MNN-4468" MF-18172 r.36 Available
Oct 1955-Nov 1956,"MNN-4581" MF-18172 r.50 Available
Oct 1963-Jul 1964,"MNN-4509" MF-18172 r.60 Available
Sep 1905-Dec 1906,"MNN-4589" MF-18172 r.2 Available
Sep 1910-Oct 1911,"MNN-4593" MF-18172 r.6 Available
Sep 1917-Mar 1919,"MNN-4597" MF-18172 r.10 Available
Sep 1933-Aug 1934,"MNN-4456" MF-18172 r.23 Available
Sep 1934-Aug 1935,"MNN-4457" MF-18172 r.24 Available
Sep 1935-Mar 1946,"MNN-4503" MF-18172 r.25 Available
Sep 1937-Sep 1938,"MNN-4460" MF-18172 r.28 Available
Sep 1945-Jul 1946,"MNN-4469" MF-18172 r.37 Available
Sep 1949-May 1950,"MNN-4474" MF-18172 r.42 Available
Sep 1950-Oct 1953,"MNN-4504" MF-18172 r.44 Available