Studies in art education.

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Corporate Author: National Art Education Association
Published: [Reston, Va., etc.] National Art Education Association.


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J-1126 v.1-9 (1959-1968)
J-671 v.10-25 (1968-1984)
J-1126 v.25/26 (1983-1985)
J-671 v.27-40 (1985-1999)
J-1268 v.41-42 (1999-2001)
J-2383 v.43-44 (2001-2003)
J-10440 v.45-46 (2003-2005)
J-5537 v.47-48 (2005-2007)
J-7155 v.49, no.1-2 (Fal 2007-Win 2008)
J-7155 v.49, no.4 (Sum 2008)
J-7155 v.50, no.1 (Fal 2008)
J-10440 v.50, no.2 (Win 2009)
J-7480 v.50, no.3-4 (Spr-Sum 2009)
J-10440 v.51, no.1 (Fal 2009)
J-10440 v.51, no.3-4 (Spr-Sum 2010)
J-9415 v.53, no.2-v.54, no.1 (Win-Fal 2012)
J-9604 v.54, no.2-v.55, no.1 (Win-Fal 2013)
WANT: v.49, no.3 (Spr 2008); v.51, no.2 (Win 2010) v.52-53, no.1 (2010-Fal 2011); v.55, no.2-v.58 (2014-2017)

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Description Local Call Number Status
v.1-9 (1959-1968) J-1126 Available
v.10-25 (1968-1984) J-671 Available
v.25/26 (1983-1985) J-1126 Available
v.27-40 (1985-1999) J-671 Available
v.41-42 (1999-2001) J-1268 Available
v.43-44 (2001-2003) J-2383 Available
v.47-48 (2005-2007) J-5537 Available
v.49, no.1-2 (Fal 2007-Win 2008) J-7155 Available
v.49, no.4 (Sum 2008) J-7155 Available
v.50, no.1 (Fal 2008) J-7155 Available
v.50, no.3-4 (Spr-Sum 2009) J-7480 Available
v.53, no.2-v.54, no.1 (Win-Fal 2012) J-9415 Available
v.54, no.2-v.55, no.1 (Win-Fal 2013) J-9604 Available