Music educators journal.

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Corporate Author: Music Educators National Conference (U.S.)
Published: [Reston, Va., etc., Music Educators' National Conference]
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J-1361 v.21-26 (1934-1940)
J-10089 v.27 (1940/1941)
J-6852 v.28 (1941-42)
J-10089 v.29-37 (1942-1951)
J-1065 v.38-66 (1951-1978)
J-1064 v.67 (1980/1981)
J-1065 v.68-69 (1981-1983)
J-1064 v.70 (1983/1984)
J-1065 v.71-73 (1984-1987)
J-1064 v.74 (1987/1988)
J-1065 v.75 (1988/1989)
J-1064 v.76 (1989/1990)
J-1065 v.77-91 (1990-2005)
J-3392 v.92-93 (2005-2007)
J-3864 v.94, no.1-2 (2007)
J-5151 v.94, no.3-4 (Jan-Mar 2008)
J-6852 v.94, no.5 (2008)
J-5495 v.95, no.1 (2008)
J-8145 v.95, no.2 (2008)
J-5495 v.95, no.3-4 (2008-2009)
J-6888 v.96 (2009-2010)
J-6888 v.97 (2010-2011)
J-8145 v.98-99, no.2 (2011-2012)
J-7085 Index v.1-74 (1914-1987)
J-10089 Index v.33-45 (1946-1959)
WANT: v.99, no.3-v.104 (2013-2018)

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Description Local Call Number Status
Index v.1-74 (1914-1987) J-7085 Available
Index v.33-45 (1946-1959) J-10089 Available
v.21-26 (1934-1940) J-1361 Available
v.27 (1940/1941) J-10089 Available
v.28 (1941-42) J-6852 Available
v.29-37 (1942-1951) J-10089 Available
v.38-66 (1951-1978) J-1065 Available
v.67 (1980/1981) J-1064 Available
v.68-69 (1981-1983) J-1065 Available
v.70 (1983/1984) J-1064 Available
v.71-73 (1984-1987) J-1065 Available
v.74 (1987/1988) J-1064 Available
v.75 (1988/1989) J-1065 Available
v.76 (1989/1990) J-1064 Available
v.77-91 (1990-2005) J-1065 Available
v.92-93 (2005-2007) J-3392 Available
v.94, no.1-2 (2007) J-3864 Available
v.94, no.3-4 (Jan-Mar 2008) J-5151 Available
v.94, no.5 (2008) J-6852 Available
v.95, no.1 (2008) J-5495 Available
v.95, no.2 (2008) J-8145 Available
v.95, no.3-4 (2008-2009) J-5495 Available
v.96 (2009-2010) J-6888 Available
v.97 (2010-2011) J-6888 Available
v.98-99, no.2 (2011-2012) J-8145 Available