Bhūmika : strīvāda patrika

Article, poems, stories, written by women; includes articles on the problems faced by women, chiefly in Andhra Oradesh.

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Published: Sikindrābād : Bhūmika, 1993-


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E-13255 Jan/Mar 1993
E-15856 Apr 1994-Sep 1995; Dec 1995-Jun 1996
D-26786 Sep 1996-Dec 2000
E-16584 Nov 2003-Feb 2004
D-26786 Mar-Jun 2004
E-15856 new ser., v.1, no.1 (Nov-Dec 2005)
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E-18218 v.11, no.3-4 (Jan/Feb 2016); v.11, no.10-12 (Aug/Oct 2016)
Serial v.12, no.5-v.14, no.2 (Mar 2017-Dec 2018

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2007 E-16584 Available
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2009 E-16584 Available
2010 E-16584 Available
Apr-Dec 1994 E-15856 Available
Apr 2007 D-26786 Available
Aug 2007 D-26786 Available
Dec 1995-Jun 1996 E-15856 Available
Feb-Nov 2012 E-16584 Available
Jan-Mar 1993 E-13235 Available
Jan-Oct; Dec 2006 D-26786 Available
Jan-Sep 1995 E-15856 Available
Mar-Apr 2000 D-26786 Available
Mar-Jul Nov-Dec 2011 E-16584 Available
Mar-Jun 2004 D-26786 Available
Nov-Dec 2005 E-15856 Available
Nov 2003-Feb 2004 E-16584 Available
Sep 1996-Dec 2000 D-26786 Available
v.9 no.3-v.10 no.1 (2013)
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E-17667 Available
v.10 no.3-v.11 no.2 (2014)
  • new
E-18122 Available
v.11 no.3-4 (Jan/Feb 2016)
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E-18218 Available
v.11 no.3-5 8 (Jan-Jun 2015)
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E-18008 Available
v.11 no.9-12 (Jul-Nov 2015)
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v.11 no.10-12 (Aug/Oct 2016)
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E-18218 Available
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Hd Cpy Available
v.13 no.3-12 v.14 no.1-2 (Jan-Dec 2018)
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Hd Cpy Available
v.[12] no.5-9; 11 (Mar-Jul; Sep 2016)
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E-18008 Available