Consulates and legation. Mexico, miscellanea, 1816-1927 (FO 207)

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Corporate Authors: Great Britain. Foreign Office, Great Britain. Public Record Office
Published: London : Public Record Office, 1971-
Series:Records of the Public Record Office.

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MF-15324 (36 reels) v.1-57

Item List

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Description Local Call Number Status
v.1 1-E MF-15324 r.1 Available
v.1 1-E v.2 1-294 MF-15324 r.2 Available
v.2 295-E v.3 1-E v.4 1-167 MF-15324 r.3 Available
v.4 165-E v.5 1-288 MF-15324 r.4 Available
v.5 286-E v.6 1-368 MF-15324 r.5 Available
v.6 368-E v.7 1-E v.8 1-22 MF-15324 r.6 Available
v.8 22-E v.9 1-281 MF-15324 r.7 Available
v.9 279-E v.10 1-E v.11 1-78 MF-15324 r.8 Available
v.11 77-E v.12 1-333 MF-15324 r.9 Available
v.12 333-E v.13 1-500 MF-15324 r.10 Available
v.13 498-E v.14 1-435 MF-15324 r.11 Available
v.14 434-E v.15 1-444 MF-15324 r.12 Available
v.15 442-E v.16 1-415 MF-15324 r.13 Available
v.16 413-E v.17 1-330 MF-15324 r.14 Available
v.17 328-812 MF-15324 r.15 Available
v.17 811-E v.18 1-E v.19 1-75 MF-15324 r.16 Available
v.19 73-E v.20 1-E v.21 1-37 MF-15324 r.17 Available
v.21 35-E v.22-24 1-E v.25 1-124 MF-15324 r.18 Available
v.24 43-E v.30-31 1-E v.32 1-143 MF-15324 r.23 Available
v.25 124-E v.26 1-E MF-15324 r.19 Available
v.27 3-E v.28 1-E v.29 1-45 MF-15324 r.22 Available
v.27 98-E v.27 Part II 1-3 MF-15324 r.20 Available
v.27 Part I 1-99 MF-15324 r.21 Available
v.32 141-E v.33-34 1-E v.35 1-195 MF-15324 r.24 Available
v.35 193-E v.36-38 1-E v.39 1-11 MF-15324 r.25 Available
v.39 108-E v.40-42 1-E v.43 1-21 MF-15324 r.26 Available
v.43 19-E v.44 1-272 MF-15324 r.27 Available
v.44 272-E v.45 MF-15324 r.28 Available
v.46 1-465 MF-15324 r.29 Available
v.46 436-E v.47 1-101 MF-15324 r.30 Available
v.47 99-589 MF-15324 r.31 Available
v.47 587-E v.48 Part I 1-160 MF-15324 r.32 Available
v.48 158-571 MF-15324 r.33 Available
v.48 207-E v.49-51 1-E v.52 1-141 MF-15324 r.35 Available
v.48 Part I 570-E v.48 Part II 1-216 MF-15324 r.34 Available
v.52 139-E v.53-57 1-E MF-15324 r.36 Available