General correspondence before 1906. China, 1815-1905 (F.O. 17)

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Corporate Authors: Great Britain. Foreign Office, Great Britain. Public Record Office
Published: London : Public Record Office, 1972-1977.
Series:Records of the Public Record Office.
PRO ; FO 17.
Online Resource:Guide: v.2 (1879-1905)
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Guide: v.2 (1879-1905)
Public Record Office Online Catalogue


MF-3349 (1076 reels) v.1-1768 (1815-1905)

Item List

Description Local Call Number Status
MF-3349 r.107 Available
MF-3349 r.1761 Available
MF-3349 r.214 Available
152(F223-END);153(1-END);154(F119 MF-3349 r.73 Available
154 (F119-END) 155 (1-END) 156 (F53) MF-3349 r.74 Available
186 (F-147-END) 187 (1-END) 188 F-77 MF-3349 r.92 Available
190 F-32-END 191 F225 MF-3349 r.94 Available
191 (F226-END) 192 (1-END) 193 F56 MF-3349 r.95 Available
193(F56-END) 194(F229 MF-3349 r.96 Available
198 (F290-END) 199 (1-END) 200 (1-END) MF-3349 r.99 Available
201 (1-END) 202 (1-209) MF-3349 r.100 Available
202 F209-END 203 (1-END) 204 (1-END) MF-3349 r.101 Available
F.O.17 1-2(250) MF-3349 r.1 Available
F.O.17 2(250)-5(32) MF-3349 r.2 Available
F.O.17 5(32)-9(58) MF-3349 r.3 Available
F.O.17 9(58)-11(11) MF-3349 r.4 Available
F.O.17 11(11)-12 MF-3349 r.5 Available
F.O.17 13-14(430) MF-3349 r.6 Available
F.O.17 14(430)-17(57) MF-3349 r.7 Available
F.O.17 17(57)-20(104) MF-3349 r.8 Available
F.O.17 20(104)-22(224) MF-3349 r.9 Available
F.O.17 22(224)-24(298) MF-3349 r.10 Available
F.O.17 24(298)-27 MF-3349 r.11 Available
F.O.17 28-30 MF-3349 r.12 Available
F.O.17 31(1-91) MF-3349 r.13 Available
F.O.17 31(91)-33(66) MF-3349 r.14 Available
F.O.17 33(66)-34(124) MF-3349 r.15 Available
F.O.17 34(125)-36(154) MF-3349 r.16 Available
F.O.17 1311(146-End)-1312(1-290) MF-3349 Available
F.O.17 1312(290-End)-1314(1-244) MF-3349 Available
F.O.17 1314(244-End)-1317(1-108) MF-3349 Available
F.O.17 1317(106-End)-1318(End) MF-3349 Available
F.O.17 1325(62-End)-1327(1-55) MF-3349 Available
F.O.17 1327(55-End)-1329(1-97) MF-3349 Available
F.O.17 1329(98-End)-1330(1-177) MF-3349 Available
F.O.17 1330(177-End)-1331(1-228) MF-3349 Available
F.O.17 1331(228-End)-1333(1-187) MF-3349 Available
F.O.17 1539(274)-1541(104) MF-3349 Available
F.O.17 1541(104)-1543(259) MF-3349 Available
F.O.17 1543(259)-1545(81) MF-3349 Available
F.O.17 1606(494)-1608(333) MF-3349 Available
F.O.17 1608(333)-1610(205) MF-3349 Available
F.O.17 1611(406)-1612(519) MF-3349 Available
F.O.17 1612(519)-1614(131) MF-3349 Available
F.O.17 1646(54)-1647(506) MF-3349 Available
F.O.17 1647(506)-1649(3) MF-3349 Available
F.O.17 1649(3)-1650(end) MF-3349 Available
F.O.17 1651(1)-1652(132) MF-3349 Available
F.O.17 1677(253)-1679(230) MF-3349 Available
F.O.17 1679(230)-1680(331) MF-3349 Available
F.O.17 1680(330)-1682(133) MF-3349 Available
F.O.17 1682(133)-1683(208) MF-3349 Available
F.O.17 1729(126-End)-1740(1-40) MF-3349 Available
F.O.17 1740(40-End)-1742(End) MF-3349 Available
F.O. 17/36-38 MF-3349 r.17 Available
F.O.17/39(1-END)-40(1-END) MF-3349 r.18 Available
F.O.17/41(1-END);42(1-END);43(1-82) MF-3349 r.19 Available
F.O.17/43(82-END);44(1-END);45(1-149) MF-3349 r.20 Available
F.O.17/45(149-END);46(1-END);47(1-90) MF-3349 r.21 Available
F.O.17/47(90-END);48(1-END);49(1-84) MF-3349 r.22 Available
F.O.17/49(84-END)-50(1-203) MF-3349 r.23 Available
F.O.17/50(203-END)-51(1-295) MF-3349 r.24 Available
F.O.17/51(295-END);52(1-END);53(1-10) MF-3349 r.25 Available
F.O. 17/57-58 MF-3349 r.28 Available
F.O. 17/65-67 MF-3349 r.32 Available
F.O. 17/67-68 MF-3349 r.33 Available
F.O. 17/68-69 MF-3349 r.34 Available
F.O. 17/69-71 MF-3349 r.35 Available
F.O. 17/95-97 MF-3349 r.48 Available
F.O. 17/119-120 MF-3349 r.58 Available
F.O.17/215 (F190-END) 216 (1-END) 217 F103 MF-3349 r.108 Available
F.O.17/217 (F103-END) 218 MF-3349 r.109 Available
F.O.17/218 343-END 219 1-END 220 1-136 MF-3349 r.110 Available
F.O.17/223 (254-END) 224 1-END 225 1-195 MF-3349 r.113 Available
F.O.17/225 1958-END 226 1-181 MF-3349 r.114 Available
F.O.17/226 181-END 227 1-END 228 1-100 MF-3349 r.115 Available
F.O.17/230 1-END 231 1-END MF-3349 r.117 Available
F.O.17/232 1-END 233 1-209 MF-3349 r.118 Available
F.O.17/233 209-END 234 1-END MF-3349 r.119 Available
F.O.17/235 1-158 MF-3349 r.120 Available
F.O.17/235 158-END 236 1-END 237 1-244 MF-3349 r.121 Available
F.O.17/248 89-END 249 1-END 250 1-35 MF-3349 r.128 Available
F.O. 17/250 35-END MF-3349 r.129 Available
F.O.17/519(182)-521(182) MF-3349 Available
F.O. 17/626-628 MF-3349 Available
F.O. 17/806(182-END)-808(1-103) MF-3349 Available
F.O. 17/808(103-END)-809 MF-3349 Available
F.O.17/810 MF-3349 Available
F.O.17/811-812 MF-3349 Available
F.O.17/816(223-END)-818 MF-3349 Available
F.O.17/1428(1-end) MF-3349 Available
F.O.17/1429(end)-1431(1-73) MF-3349 Available
F.O.17/1431(73-end)-1432(202) MF-3349 Available
F.O.17/1432(202)-1434(end) MF-3349 Available
F.O.17/1490(328-end)-1492(1-56) MF-3349 Available
F.O.17/1492(56)-1494(34) MF-3349 Available
F.O.17/1494(35)-1495(155) MF-3349 Available
F.O.17/1495(156)-1496(332) MF-3349 Available
F.O.17/1496(333)-1498(260) MF-3349 Available