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Corporate Authors: India. Home Department, India Office Records, India Office Library and Records
Published: [Calcutta] : [Superintendent Government Printing]
Series:India Office Records ; IOR P/3880 (July, Sep-Dec 1891)
India Office Records ; IOR P/5413 (Jan-May 1898)
India Office Records ; IOR P/6109, Pro 122-131 (Novr 1901)
India Office Records ; IOR P/7590 (July-Dec 1907)
India Office Records ; IOR P/7875 (1908)
India Office Records ; IOR P/8153 (1909)
India Office Records ; IOR P/8430-IOR P/8431 (1910)
India Office Records ; IOR P/8958 (1912)
India Office Records ; IOR P/9460-IOR P/9461 (1914)
India Office Records ; IOR P/CONF/6-IOR P/CONF/9 (1915)
India Office Records ; IOR P/CONF/19-IOR P/CONF/21 (1916)
India Office Records ;
India Office Records ; IOR P/CONF/43 (Sep-Dec 1918)
India Office Records ; IOR P/CONF/57-IOR P/CONF/59 (1920)
India Office Records ; IOR P/CONF/64 (Jan-Apr 1921)
India Office records ; <IOR P/3880 (July, September-October, December 1891); IOR P/5413 (January, May 1898); IOR P/6109, Pro 122-131 (November 1901); IOR P/7590 (July-December 1907); IOR P/7875 (1908); IOR P/8153 (1909); IOR P/8430-IOR P/8431 (1910); IOR P/8958 (1912); IOR P/9460-IOR P/9461 (1914); IOR P/CONF/6-IOR P/CONF/9 (1915); IOR P/CONF/19-IOR P/CONF/21 (1916); IOR P/CONF/31-IOR P/CONF/34 (1917); IOR P/CONF/43 (September-December 1918); IOR P/CONF/57-IOR P/CONF/59 (1920); IOR P/CONF/64 (January-April 1921)>

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MF-19149 r.1-3 Jul, Sep-Dec 1891; Jan-May 1898; Nov 1901; Jul-Dec 1907
MF-14654 r.1-5 Jan 1908-Jul 1910
MF-19149 r.4-5 Aug-Dec 1910; 1912
MF-14654 r.6-7 1914
MF-19149 r.6-25 1915-1917; Sep-Dec 1918; 1920; Jan-Apr 1921

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Description Local Call Number Status
IOR/P/7875 (Jan-Jun 1908) MF-14654 r.1 Available
IOR/P/7875 (Jul-Dec 1908) MF-14654 r.2 Available
IOR/P/8153 (Jan-Jun 1909) MF-14654 r.3 Available
IOR/P/8153 (Jul-Dec 1909) MF-14654 r.4 Available
IOR/P/8430 (Jan-Jul 1910) MF-14654 r.5 Available
IOR/P/9460 (Jan-Sep 1914) MF-14654 r.6 Available
IOR/P/9461 (Oct-Dec 1914) MF-14654 r.7 Available
IOR P/7 (Apr-Jun 1915) MF-19149 r.7 Available
IOR P/3880 (Jul Sep-Oct Dec 1891); IOR P/5413 (Jan May 1898) MF-19149 r.1 Available
IOR P/6109 Pro 122-131 (Nov 1901) MF-19149 r.2 Available
IOR P/7590 (Jul-Dec 1907) MF-19149 r.3 Available
IOR P/8431 (Aug-Dec 1910) MF-19149 r.4 Available
IOR P/8598 (Jan-Dec 1912) MF-19149 r.5 Available
IOR P/CONF/6 (Jan-Mar 1915) MF-19149 r.6 Available
IOR P/CONF/8 (Jul-Sep 1915) MF-19149 r.8 Available
IOR P/CONF/9 (Oct-Dec 1915) MF-19149 r.9 Available
IOR P/CONF/19 pt.1 (Jan-Apr 1916) MF-19149 r.10 Available
IOR P/CONF/19 pt.2 (Feb-Apr 1916) MF-19149 r.11 Available
IOR P/CONF/20 pt.1 (May-Jun 1916) MF-19149 r.12 Available
IOR P/CONF/20 pt.2 (May-Jun 1916) MF-19149 r.13 Available
IOR P/CONF/21 pt.1 (Jul-Dec 1916) MF-19149 r.14 Available
IOR P/CONF/21 pt.2 (Jul-Dec 1916) MF-19149 r.15 Available
IOR P/CONF/31 (Jan-Mar 1917) MF-19149 r.16 Available
IOR P/CONF/32 pt.1 (Apr-May 1917) MF-19149 r.17 Available
IOR P/CONF/32 pt.2 (Apr-May 1917) MF-19149 r.18 Available
IOR P/CONF/33 (Jun-Aug 1917) MF-19149 r.19 Available
IOR P/CONF/34 (Sep-Dec 1917) MF-19149 r.20 Available
IOR P/CONF/43 (Sep-Dec 1918) MF-19149 r.21 Available
IOR P/CONF/57 (Jan-Apr 1920) MF-19149 r.22 Available
IOR P/CONF/57 (May-Aug 1920) MF-19149 r.23 Available
IOR P/CONF/59 (Sep-Dec 1920) MF-19149 r.24 Available
IOR P/CONF/64 (Jan-Apr 1921) MF-19149 r.25 Available