Agricultural and manufacturing census records of fifteen southern states for the years 1850, 1860, 1870 and 1880.

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Corporate Authors: United States. Census Office, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Library
Published: [Chapel Hill] : [University of North Carolina Library], [1960-1965]
Related Items:Online version: Agricultural and manufacturing census records of fifteen southern states for the years 1850, 1860, 1870 and 1880.

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MF-4721 r.1-2/e Ser. r.1-2
MF-4721 r.3 Ser. r.3
MF-4721 r.4/e Ser. r.4
MF-4721 r.5-9 Ser. r.4-8
MF-4721 r.10-12/e Ser. r.10-12
MF-4721 r.13-15
MF-4721 r.16-17/e
MF-4721 r.18
MF-4721 r.19/e
MF-4721 r.20
MF-4721 r.21/e
MF-4721 r.22-25
MF-4721 r.26/e
MF-4721 r.27-28
MF-4721 r.29-30/e
MF-4721 r.31-77, 79-105, 107-120, 122-152, 175-213
MF-4721 r.214/e Ser. r.214
MF-4721 r.215-238 Ser. r.215-229, 230, 230A-230F, 231-232
MF-4721 r.239/e Ser. r.233
MF-4721 r.240-270, 273-289 Ser. r.234-264, 267-283

Item List

Description Local Call Number Status
Ser. r.1 N. Carolina 1850 Agric. Alamance-Duplin MF-4721 r.1/e Available
Ser. r.2 N. Carolina 1850 Agric. Edgecombe-Orange MF-4721 r.2/e Available
Ser. r.3 N. Carolina 1850 Agric. Pasquotank-Yancey MF-4721 r.3 Available
Ser. r.4 N. Carolina 1850 Manuf. Alamance-Yancey MF-4721 r.4/e Available
Ser. r.10 N. Carolina 1870 Agric. Alamance-Currituck MF-4721 r.10/e Available
Ser. r.11 N. Carolina 1870 Agric. Dare-Jackson MF-4721 r.11/e Available
Ser. r.12 N. Carolina 1870 Agric. Johnston-Richmond MF-4721 r.12/e Available by Request
Ser. r.13 N. Carolina 1870 Agric. Robinson-Yancey MF-4721 r.13 Available
Ser. r.14 N. Carolina 1870 Manuf. Alamance-Yancey MF-4721 r.14 Available
Ser. r.15 N. Carolina 1880 Alamance-Bladen agric. MF-4721 r.15 Available
Ser. r.16 N. Carolina 1880 Bladen-Carteret agric. MF-4721 r.16/e Available
Ser. r.17 N. Carolina 1880 Caswell-Columbus agric. MF-4721 r.17/e Available
Ser. r.18 N. Carolina 1880 Columbus-Duplin agric. MF-4721 r.18 Available
Ser. r.19 N. Carolina 1880 Edgecombe-Granville agric. MF-4721 r.19/e Available
Ser. r.20 N. Carolina 1880 Granville-Henderson agric. MF-4721 r.20 Available
Ser. r.21 N. Carolina 1880 Hertford-Lincoln agric. MF-4721 r.21/e Available
Ser. r.22 N. Carolina 1880 Mcdowell-Montgomery agric. MF-4721 r.22 Available
Ser. r.23 N. Carolina 1880 Moore-Pasquotank agric. MF-4721 r.23 Available
Ser. r.24 N. Carolina 1880 Pender-Robison agric. MF-4721 r.24 Available
Ser. r.25 N. Carolina 1880 Robeson-Sampson agric. MF-4721 r.25 Available
Ser. r.26 N. Carolina 1880 Stanly-Wake agric. MF-4721 r.26/e Available
Ser. r.27 N. Carolina 1880 Wake-Wilkes agric. MF-4721 r.27 Available
Ser. r.28 N. Carolina 1880 Wilson-Yancey agric. MF-4721 r.28 Available
Ser. r.29 N. Carolina 1880 Manuf. Alamance-Franklin MF-4721 r.29/e Available
Ser. r.30 N. Carolina 1880 Manuf. Gaston-Yancey MF-4721 r.30/e Available
Ser. r.31 Kentucky 1850 Agric. Adair-Carter MF-4721 r.31 Available
Ser. r.32 Kentucky 1850 Agric. Casey-Grayson MF-4721 r.32 Available
Ser. r.33 Kentucky 1850 Agric. Green-Lawrence MF-4721 r.33 Available
Ser. r.34 Kentucky 1850 Agric. Letcher-Nelson MF-4721 r.34 Available
Ser. r.35 Kentucky 1850 Agric. Nicholas-Woodford MF-4721 r.35 Available
Ser. r.36 Kentucky 1850 Manuf. Adair-Woodford MF-4721 r.36 Available
Ser. r.37 Kentucky 1860 Agric. Adair-Brethitt MF-4721 r.37 Available
Ser. r.38 Kentucky 1860 Agric. Bracken-Fleming MF-4721 r.38 Available
Ser. r.39 Kentucky 1860 Agric. Floyd-Nicholas MF-4721 r.39 Available
Ser. r.40 Kentucky 1860 Agric. Kenton-Montgomery MF-4721 r.40 Available
Ser. r.41 Kentucky 1860 Agric. Ohio-Woodford MF-4721 r.41 Available
Ser. r.42 Kentucky 1860 Manuf. Adair-Woodford MF-4721 r.42 Available
Ser. r.43 Kentucky 1870 Agric. Adair-Grant MF-4721 r.43 Available
Ser. r.44 Kentucky 1870 Agric. Grant-Hancock MF-4721 r.44 Available
Ser. r.45 Kentucky 1870 Agric. Christian-Lyon MF-4721 r.45 Available
Ser. r.46 Kentucky 1870 Agric. Madison-Pendleton MF-4721 r.46 Available
Ser. r.47 Kentucky 1870 Agric. Perry-Woodford MF-4721 r.47 Available
Ser. r.48 Kentucky 1870 Manuf. Adair-Woodford MF-4721 r.48 Available
Ser. r.49 Kentucky 1880 Agric. Adair-Bell MF-4721 r.49 Available
Ser. r.50 Kentucky 1880 Agric. Boone-Butler MF-4721 r.50 Available
Ser. r.51 Kentucky 1880 Agric. Clarke-Elliott MF-4721 r.51 Available
Ser. r.52 Kentucky 1880 Agric. Estill-Grant MF-4721 r.52 Available
Ser. r.53 Kentucky 1880 Agric. Graves-Hardin MF-4721 r.53 Available
Ser. r.54 Kentucky 1880 Agric. Harlan-Hopkins MF-4721 r.54 Available
Ser. r.55 Kentucky 1880 Agric. Jackson-Lawrence MF-4721 r.55 Available
Ser. r.56 Kentucky 1880 Agric. Lee-McLean MF-4721 r.56 Available
Ser. r.57 Kentucky 1880 Agric. Metcalf-Nicholas MF-4721 r.57 Available
Ser. r.58 Kentucky 1880 Agric. Ohio-Powell MF-4721 r.58 Available
Ser. r.59 Kentucky 1880 Agric. Pulaski-Shelby MF-4721 r.59 Available
Ser. r.60 Kentucky 1880 Agric. Simpson-Union MF-4721 r.60 Available
Ser. r.61 Kentucky 1880 Agric. Warren-Woodford MF-4721 r.61 Available
Ser. r.62 Kentucky 1880 Agric. Madison-Mercer MF-4721 r.62 Available
Ser. r.63 Kentucky 1880 Agric. Caldwell-Christian MF-4721 r.63 Available
Ser. r.64 Kentucky 1880 Manuf. Adair-Hopkins MF-4721 r.64 Available
Ser. r.65 Kentucky 1880 Manuf. Jackson-McCracken MF-4721 r.65 Available
Ser. r.66 Kentucky 1880 Manuf. McCracken-Woodford MF-4721 r.66 Available
Ser. r.67 Tennessee 1850 Agric. Anderson-Franklin MF-4721 r.67 Available
Ser. r.68 Tennessee 1850 Agric. Gibson-Humphries MF-4721 r.68 Available
Ser. r.69 Tennessee 1850 Agric. Jackson-Monroe MF-4721 r.69 Available
Ser. r.70 Tennessee 1850 Agric. Montgomery-Smith MF-4721 r.70 Available
Ser. r.71 Tennessee 1850 Agric. Stewart-Wilson MF-4721 r.71 Available
Ser. r.72 Tennessee 1850 Manuf. Anderson-Wilson MF-4721 r.72 Available
Ser. r.73 Tennessee 1860 Agric. Anderson-Fayette MF-4721 r.73 Available
Ser. r.74 Tennessee 1860 Agric. Fentress-Haywood MF-4721 r.74 Available
Ser. r.75 Tennessee 1860 Agric. Henderson-McNary MF-4721 r.75 Available
Ser. r.76 Tennessee 1860 Agric. Macon-Rutherford MF-4721 r.76 Available
Ser. r.77 Tennessee 1860 Agric. Scott-Wilson MF-4721 r.77 Available
Ser. r.79 Tennessee 1860 Manuf. Monroe-Wilson MF-4721 r.79 Available
Ser. r.80 Tennessee 1870 Agric. Anderson-Dickson MF-4721 r.80 Available
Ser. r.81 Tennessee 1870 Agric. Dyer-Hancock MF-4721 r.81 Available
Ser. r.82 Tennessee 1870 Agric. Hardeman-Lawrence MF-4721 r.82 Available
Ser. r.83 Tennessee 1870 Agric. Lewis-Montgomery MF-4721 r.83 Available
Ser. r.84 Tennessee 1870 Agric. Morgan-Sullivan MF-4721 r.84 Available
Ser. r.85 Tennessee 1870 Agric. Sumner-Wilson MF-4721 r.85 Available
Ser. r.86 Tennessee 1870 Manuf. Anderson-Lewis MF-4721 r.86 Available
Ser. r.88 Tennessee 1880 Agric. Anderson-Campbell MF-4721 r.88 Available
Ser. r.89 Tennessee 1880 Agric. Campbell-Carter MF-4721 r.89 Available
Ser. r.90 Tennessee 1880 Agric. Cheatham-Davison MF-4721 r.90 Available
Ser. r.91 Tennessee 1880 Agric. Davison-Dekalb MF-4721 r.91 Available
Ser. r.92 Tennessee 1880 Agric. Dickson-Fayette MF-4721 r.92 Available
Ser. r.93 Tennessee 1880 Agric. Fayette-Giles MF-4721 r.93 Available
Ser. r.94 Tennessee 1880 Agric. Grainger-Hawkins MF-4721 r.94 Available
Ser. r.95 Tennessee 1880 Agric. Haywood-Jefferson MF-4721 r.95 Available
Ser. r.96 Tennessee 1880 Agric. Johnson-McNary MF-4721 r.96 Available
Ser. r.97 Tennessee 1880 Agric. Moore-Roberston MF-4721 r.97 Available
Ser. r.98 Tennessee 1880 Agric. Rutherford-Smith MF-4721 r.98 Available
Ser. r.99 Tennessee 1880 Agric. Stewart-Warren MF-4721 r.99 Available
Ser. r.100 Tennessee 1880 Agric. Washington-Wilson MF-4721 r.100 Available
Ser. r.101 Tennessee 1880 Manuf. Anderson-Lawrence MF-4721 r.101 Available
Ser. r.102 Tennessee 1880 Manuf. Lewis-Wilson MF-4721 r.102 Available
Ser. r.103 Georgia 1850 Agric. Appling-Crawford MF-4721 r.103 Available
Ser. r.104 Georgia 1850 Agric. Dade-Houston MF-4721 r.104 Available
Ser. r.105 Georgia 1850 Agric. Irwin-Putnam MF-4721 r.105 Available
Ser. r.107 Georgia 1860 Agric. Appling-Fayette MF-4721 r.107 Available
Ser. r.108 Georgia 1860 Agric. Floyd-Murray MF-4721 r.108 Available
Ser. r.109 Georgia 1860 Agric. Muscogee-Worth MF-4721 r.109 Available
Ser. r.110 Georgia 1870 Agric. Appling-Jackson MF-4721 r.110 Available
Ser. r.111 Georgia 1870 Agric. Jasper-Worth MF-4721 r.111 Available
Ser. r.112 Georgia 1880 Agric. Appling-Butler MF-4721 r.112 Available
Ser. r.113 Georgia 1880 Agric. Calhoun-Clay MF-4721 r.113 Available
Ser. r.114 Georgia 1880 Agric. Clayton-Dodge MF-4721 r.114 Available
Ser. r.115 Georgia 1880 Agric. Dooly-Franklin MF-4721 r.115 Available
Ser. r.116 Georgia 1880 Agric. Fulton-Haralson MF-4721 r.116 Available
Ser. r.117 Georgia 1880 Agric. Harris-Laurens MF-4721 r.117 Available
Ser. r.118 Georgia 1880 agric. Lee-Miller MF-4721 r.118 Available
Ser. r.119 Georgia 1880 Agric. Milton-Pickens MF-4721 r.119 Available
Ser. r.120 Georgia 1880 Agric. Pierce-Talbot MF-4721 r.120 Available
Ser. r.122 Georgia 1880 Agric. Walton-Worth MF-4721 r.122 Available
Ser. r.123 Georgia 1880 Manuf. Appling-Hall MF-4721 r.123 Available
Ser. r.124 Georgia 1880 Manuf. Handcook-Worth MF-4721 r.124 Available
Ser. r.125 Louisiana 1850 Agric. Ascension-Washington MF-4721 r.125 Available
Ser. r.126 Louisiana 1860 Agric. Anderson-Winn MF-4721 r.126 Available
Ser. r.127 Louisiana 1870 Agric. Ascension-De Soto MF-4721 r.127 Available
Ser. r.128 Louisiana 1870 Agric. Desoto-Winn MF-4721 r.128 Available
Ser. r.129 Louisiana 1880 Agric. Ascension-Claiborne MF-4721 r.129 Available
Ser. r.130 Louisiana 1880 Agric. Concordia-Lafourche MF-4721 r.130 Available
Ser. r.131 Louisiana 1880 Agric. Lincoln-Sabine MF-4721 r.131 Available
Ser. r.132 Louisiana 1880 Agric. St. Bernard-Tensas MF-4721 r.132 Available
Ser. r.133 Louisiana 1880 Agric. Terrebonne-Winn MF-4721 r.133 Available
Ser. r.134 Louisiana 1880 Manuf. Ascension-Winn MF-4721 r.134 Available
Ser. r.135 Florida 1850 Agric. Alachua-Washington MF-4721 r.135 Available
Ser. r.136 Florida 1850 Manuf. Calhoun-Washington MF-4721 r.136 Available
Ser. r.137 Florida 1860 Agric. Alachua-Washington MF-4721 r.137 Available
Ser. r.138 Florida 1860 Manuf. Alachua-Washington MF-4721 r.138 Available
Ser. r.139 Florida 1870 Agric. Alachua-Washington MF-4721 r.139 Available
Ser. r.140 Florida 1870 Manuf. Alachua-Washington MF-4721 r.140 Available
Ser. r.141 Florida 1880 Agric. Alachua-Jackson MF-4721 r.141 Available
Ser. r.142 Florida 1880 Agric. Jefferson-Washington MF-4721 r.142 Available
Ser. r.143 Florida 1880 Manuf. Alachua-Washington MF-4721 r.143 Available
Ser. r.144 Maryland 1850 Agric. Allegany-Worcester MF-4721 r.144 Available
Ser. r.145 Maryland 1850 Manuf. Allegany-Worcester MF-4721 r.145 Available
Ser. r.146 Maryland 1860 Agric. Allegany-Worcester MF-4721 r.146 Available
Ser. r.147 Maryland 1860 Manuf. Allegany-Worcester MF-4721 r.147 Available
Ser. r.148 Maryland 1870 Agric. Allegany-Worcester MF-4721 r.148 Available
Ser. r.149 Maryland 1880 Agric. Allegany-Carroll MF-4721 r.149 Available
Ser. r.150 Maryland 1880 Agric. Cevil-Howard MF-4721 r.150 Available
Ser. r.151 Maryland 1880 Manuf. Kent-Worchester MF-4721 r.151 Available
Ser. r.152 Maryland 1880 Manuf. Allegany-Worchester MF-4721 r.152 Available
Ser. r.175 Mississippi 1850 Agric. Adams-Lawrence MF-4721 r.175 Available
Ser. r.176 Mississippi 1850 Agric. Leake-Yazoo MF-4721 r.176 Available
Ser. r.177 Mississippi 1850 Manuf. Adams-Yazoo MF-4721 r.177 Available
Ser. r.178 Mississippi 1860 Agric. Adams-Leake MF-4721 r.178 Available
Ser. r.179 Mississippi 1860 Agric. Lowndes-Yazoo MF-4721 r.179 Available
Ser. r.180 Mississippi 1860 Manuf. Adams-Yazoo MF-4721 r.180 Available
Ser. r.181 Mississippi 1870 Agric. Adams-Leake MF-4721 r.181 Available
Ser. r.182 Mississippi Agric. Lee-Yazoo MF-4721 r.182 Available
Ser. r.183 Mississippi 1870 Manuf. Adams-Yazoo MF-4721 r.183 Available
Ser. r.184 Mississippi 1880 Agric. Agric. Adams-Chickasaw MF-4721 r.184 Available
Ser. r.185 Mississippi 1880 Agric. Choctaw-Franklin MF-4721 r.185 Available
Ser. r.186 Mississippi 1880 Agric. Green-Jasper MF-4721 r.186 Available
Ser. r.187 Mississippi 1880 Agric. Jefferson-Le Flora MF-4721 r.187 Available
Ser. r.188 Mississippi 1880 Agric. Lincoln-Montgomery MF-4721 r.188 Available
Ser. r.189 Mississippi 1880 Agric. Neshoba-Quitman MF-4721 r.189 Available
Ser. r.190 Mississippi 1880 Agric. Rankin-Tishomingo MF-4721 r.190 Available
Ser. r.191 Mississippi 1880 Agric. Tunica-Yazoo MF-4721 r.191 Available
Ser. r.192 Mississippi 1880 manuf. Adams-Yazoo MF-4721 r.192 Available
Ser. r.193 West Virginia 1850 Agric. Barbour-Logan MF-4721 r.193 Available
Ser. r.194 West Virginia 1850 Agric. Marion-Wyoming MF-4721 r.194 Available
Ser. r.195 West Virginia 1860 Manuf. Barbour-Marshall MF-4721 r.195 Available
Ser. r.196 West Virginia 1860 Manuf. Mason-Wyoming MF-4721 r.196 Available
Ser. r.197 West Virginia 1870 Agric. Barbour-Mineral MF-4721 r.197 Available
Ser. r.198 West Virginia 1870 Agric. Mononglia-Wyoming MF-4721 r.198 Available
Ser. r.199 West Virginia 1870 Manuf. Barbour-Wood MF-4721 r.199 Available
Ser. r.200 West Virginia 1880 Agric. Barbour-Fayette MF-4721 r.200 Available
Ser. r.201 West Virginia 1880 Agric. Gilmer-Jefferson MF-4721 r.201 Available
Ser. r.202 West Virginia 1880 Agric. Kanawha-Marshall MF-4721 r.202 Available
Ser. r.203 West Virginia 1880 Agric. Mason-Nicholas MF-4721 r.203 Available
Ser. r.204 West Virginia 1880 Agric. Ohio-Raleigh MF-4721 r.204 Available
Ser. r.205 West Virginia 1880 Agric. Randolph-Upshur MF-4721 r.205 Available
Ser. r.206 West Virginia 1880 Agric. Wayne-Wyonming MF-4721 r.206 Available
Ser. r.207 West Virginia 1880 Manuf. Barbour-Wood MF-4721 r.207 Available
Ser. r.208 Alabama 1850 Agric. Autuga-Covington MF-4721 r.208 Available
Ser. r.209 Alabama 1850 Agric. Dale-Marengo MF-4721 r.209 Available
Ser. r.210 Alabama 1850 Agric. Marion-Wilcox MF-4721 r.210 Available
Ser. r.211 Alabama 1850 Manuf. Autauga-Wilcox MF-4721 r.211 Available
Ser. r.212 Alabama 1860 Agric. Autauga-Dallas MF-4721 r.212 Available
Ser. r.214 Alabama 1860 Perry-Winston agric. MF-4721 r.214/e Available
Ser. r.215 Alabama 1860 Manuf. Autauga-Winston MF-4721 r.215 Available
Ser. r.216 Alabama 1870 Agric. Autauga-Dallas MF-4721 r.216 Available
Ser. r.218 Alabama 1870 Agric. Marengo-Winston MF-4721 r.218 Available
Ser. r.219 Alabama 1870 Manuf. Autauga-Winston MF-4721 r.219 Available
Ser. r.220 Alabama 1880 Agric. Autauga-Bullock MF-4721 r.220 Available
Ser. r.221 Alabama 1880 Agric. Butler-Calhoun MF-4721 r.221 Available
Ser. r.222 Alabama 1880 Agric. Chambers-Clay MF-4721 r.222 Available
Ser. r.223 Alabama 1880 Agric. Cleburne-Coffee MF-4721 r.223 Available
Ser. r.224 Alabama 1880 Agric. Colbert-Cullman MF-4721 r.224 Available
Ser. r.225 Alabama 1880 Agric. Dale-DeKalb MF-4721 r.225 Available
Ser. r.226 Alabama 1880 Agric. Elmore-Hale MF-4721 r.226 Available
Ser. r.227 Alabama 1880 Agric. Henry-Jackson MF-4721 r.227 Available
Ser. r.228 Alabama 1880 Agric. Jefferson-Limestone MF-4721 r.228 Available
Ser. r.229 Alabama 1880 Agric. Lowndes-Macon MF-4721 r.229 Available
Ser. r.230 Alabama 1880 Agric. Madison-Marion MF-4721 r.230 Available
Ser. r.230A Alabama 1880 Agric. Marshall-Montgomery MF-4721 r.231 Available
Ser. r.230B Alabama 1880 Agric. Morgan-Randolph MF-4721 r.232 Available
Ser. r.230C Alabama 1880 Agric. Russell-Sumter MF-4721 r.233 Available
Ser. r.230D Alabama 1880 Agric. Talledega-Walker MF-4721 r.234 Available
Ser. r.230E Alabama 1880 Agric. Washington-Winston MF-4721 r.235 Available
Ser. r.230F Alabama 1880 Manuf. Autauga-Winston MF-4721 r.236 Available
Ser. r.231 Virginia 1850 agric. Accomack-Halifax MF-4721 r.237 Available
Ser. r.232 Virginia 1850 agric. Hanover-Prince Edward MF-4721 r.238 Available
Ser. r.233 Virginia 1850 agric. Prince George-York MF-4721 r.239/e Available
Ser. r.234 Virginia 1850 manuf. accomack-Wythe MF-4721 r.240 Available
Ser. r.235 Virginia 1860 agric. Accomack-Halifax MF-4721 r.241 Available
Ser. r.236 Virginia 1860 agric. Hanover-Prince Edward MF-4721 r.242 Available
Ser. r.237 Virginia 1860 agric. Rappahannock-York MF-4721 r.243 Available
Ser. r.238 Virginia 1860 manuf. Accomack-York MF-4721 r.244 Available
Ser. r.239 Virginia 1870 agric. Accomack-Fluvanna MF-4721 r.245 Available
Ser. r.240 Virginia 1870 agric. Franklin-Nansemond MF-4721 r.246 Available
Ser. r.241 Virginia 1870 agric. Nelson-Russell MF-4721 r.247 Available
Ser. r.242 Virginia 1870 agric. Shenandoah-York MF-4721 r.248 Available
Ser. r.243 Virginia 1870 agric. recap Accomack-York MF-4721 r.249 Available
Ser. r.244 Virginia 1870 manuf. Accomack-York MF-4721 r.250 Available
Ser. r.245 Virginia 1880 agric. Accomack-Bath MF-4721 r.251 Available
Ser. r.246 Virginia 1880 agric. Bedford-Caroline MF-4721 r.252 Available
Ser. r.247 Virginia 1880 agric. Carroll-Essex MF-4721 r.253 Available
Ser. r.248 Virginia 1880 agric. Fairfax-Gloucester MF-4721 r.254 Available
Ser. r.249 Virginia 1880 agric. Goochland-Highland MF-4721 r.255 Available
Ser. r.250 Virginia 1880 agric. Isle of Wight-Lunenburg MF-4721 r.256 Available
Ser. r.251 Virginia 1880 agric. Madison-Norfolk MF-4721 r.257 Available
Ser. r.252 Virginia 1880 agric. Northampton-Powhatan MF-4721 r.258 Available
Ser. r.253 Virginia 1880 agric. Prince Edward-Rockingham MF-4721 r.259 Available
Ser. r.254 Virginia 1880 agric. Russelll-Surry MF-4721 r.260 Available
Ser. r.255 Virginia 1880 agric. Sussex-York MF-4721 r.261 Available
Ser. r.256 Virginia 1880 manuf. Accomack-James City MF-4721 r.262 Available
Ser. r.257 Virginia 1880 manuf King & Queen York MF-4721 r.263 Available
Ser. r.258 Texas 1850 Agric. All Counties MF-4721 r.264 Available
Ser. r.259 Texas 1850 Austin-Quilliamson MF-4721 r.265 Available
Ser. r.260 Texas 1860 Agric. Anderson-Grayson MF-4721 r.266 Available
Ser. r.261 Texas 1860 Agric. Grimes-Sabine MF-4721 r.267 Available
Ser. r.262 Texas 1860 Agric. All Counties MF-4721 r.268 Available
Ser. r.263 Texas 1860 Manuf. Anderson-Wood MF-4721 r.269 Available
Ser. r.264 Texas 1870 Agric. Anderson-Hunt MF-4721 r.270 Available
Ser. r.267 Texas 1870 Manuf. Anderson-Zanalla MF-4721 r.273 Available
Ser. r.268 Texas 1880 Agric. Anderson-Bowie MF-4721 r.274 Available
Ser. r.269 Texas 1880 Agric. Brazovia-Collins MF-4721 r.275 Available
Ser. r.270 Texas 1880 Agric. Colorado-Dewitt MF-4721 r.276 Available
Ser. r.271 Texas 1880 Agric. Dimmit-Fayette MF-4721 r.277 Available
Ser. r.272 Texas 1880 Fisher-Grimes MF-4721 r.278 Available
Ser. r.273 Texas 1880 Agric. Guadalupe-Hopkins MF-4721 r.279 Available
Ser. r.274 Texas 1880 Houston-Kinney MF-4721 r.280 Available
Ser. r.275 Texas 1880 Agric. Lamar-McCulloch MF-4721 r.281 Available
Ser. r.276 Texas 1880 McClennan-Morris MF-4721 r.282 Available
Ser. r.277 Texas 1880 Agric. Nacogdoches-Presidio MF-4721 r.283 Available
Ser. r.278 Texas 1880 Agric. Rains-Shelby MF-4721 r.284 Available
Ser. r.279 Texas 1880 Agric. Smith-Trinity MF-4721 r.285 Available
Ser. r.280 Texas 1880 Agric. Tyler-Washington MF-4721 r.286 Available
Ser. r.281 Texas 1880 Webb-Zavala MF-4721 r.287 Available
Ser. r.282 Texas 1880 Manuf. Anderson-Harrison MF-4721 r.288 Available
Ser. r.283 Texas 1880 Manuf. Hayes-Zapata MF-4721 r.289 Available
series reel 5 | N. Carolina 1860 Agric.. Alamance-Cleveland MF-4721 r.5 Available
series reel 6 | N. Carolina 1860 Agric. Columbus-Hertford MF-4721 r.6 Available
series reel 7 | N. Carolina 1860 Agric . Hyde-Polk MF-4721 r.7 Available
series reel 8 | N. Carolina 1860 Agric. Randolph-Yancey MF-4721 r.8 Available
series reel 9 | N. Carolina 1860 Manuf. Alamance-Yancey MF-4721 r.9 Available