The Newcastle papers from the British Library, London.

Mainly holograph correspondence and papers about political issues under the ministries of Walpole and the younger Pitt.

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Bibliographic Details
Corporate Author: British Library
Other Authors: Newcastle, Thomas Pelham-Holles, Duke of, 1693-1768
Published: 1697-1768.
Series:Papers of the prime ministers of Great Britain ; ser. 4.
Online Resource:Guide
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B.L.Add.Ms.32947 MF 6113 r.142 Available
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B.L.Add. Ms.32974 MF-6113 r.167 Available
B.L.Add. Ms.32975 MF-6113 r.168 Available
B.L.Add. Ms.32976 MF-6113 r.169 Available
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B.L.Add. Ms.32978 MF-6113 r.171 Available
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B.L. Add. Ms.32986 MF-6113 r.179 Available
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B.L. Add. Ms.32988 MF-6113 r.181 Available
B.L.Add.Ms.32989 MF 6113 r.182 Available
B.L.Add.Ms.32990 MF 6113 r.183 Available
B.L.Add.Ms.32992 MF 6113 r.185 Available
B.L.Add.Mss.32943-32944 MF 6113 r.139 Available
B.L.Add.Mss.32961-32962 MF 6113 r.155 Available
B.L.Add.Mss.32991-32991B MF 6113 r.184 Available