Foreign affairs.

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Corporate Author: Council on Foreign Relations
Other Authors: Coolidge, Archibald Cary, 1866-1928, Armstrong, Hamilton Fish, 1893-1973
Published: [New York, Council on Foreign Relations]
Related Items:Continues: Journal of international relations (Clark University (Worcester, Mass.))
Issues with distinctive title American and the world continued by: Agenda (Council on Foreign Relations)


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J-1805 v.1-3 (1922-1925)
J-6584 v.4 (1925/1926)
J-1805 v.5-16 (1926-1938)
J-6584 v.17 (1938/1939)
J-1805 v.18-19 (1939-1941)
J-6584 v.20-21 (1941-1943)
J-1805 v.22-29 (1943-1951)
J-6584 v.30-31 (1951-1953)
J-1805 v.32 (1953/1954)
J-6584 v.33 (1954/1955)
J-1805 v.34-38 (1955-1960)
J-3476 v.39-69, no.3 (1960-1990)
J-4890 v.69, no.4-5 (Fall-Winter 1990)
J-3631 v.70-77 (1991-1998)
J-1805 v.78-83 (1999-2004)
J-2332 v.84 (2005)
J-3332 v.85 (2006)
J-4577 v.86 (2007)
J-6584 v.87-88 (2008-2009)
J-7323 v.89 (2010)
J-7612 v.90, no.1 (Jan-Feb 2011)
J-7323 v.90, no.2-6 (2011)
J-5488 v.91, no.1-2 (2012)
J-9311 v.91, no.3-v.92, no.5 (May 2012-Oct 2013)
J-9311 v.91, no.3-v.92, no.5 (May 2012-Oct 2013)

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Description Local Call Number Status
v.1-3 (1922-1925) J-1805 Available
v.4 (1925/1926) J-6584 Available
v.5-16 (1926-1938) J-1805 Available
v.17 (1938/1939) J-6584 Available
v.18-19 (1939-1941) J-1805 Available
v.20-21 (1941-1943) J-6584 Available
v.22-29 (1943-1951) J-1805 Available
v.30-31 (1951-1953) J-6584 Available
v.32 (1953/1954) J-1805 Available
v.33 (1954/1955) J-6584 Available
v.34-38 (1955-1960) J-1805 Available
v.39-69, no.3 (1960-1990) J-3476 Available
v.69, no.4-5 (Fall-Winter 1990) J-4890 Available
v.70-77 (1991-1998) J-3631 Available
v.78-83 (1999-2004) J-1805 Available
v.84 (2005) J-2332 Available
v.85 (2006) J-3332 Available
v.86 (2007) J-4577 Available
v.87-88 (2008-2009) J-6584 Available
v.89 (2010) J-7323 Available
v.90, no.1 (Jan-Feb 2011) J-7612 Available
v.90, no.2-6 (2011) J-7323 Available
v.91, no.1-2 (2012) J-5488 Available
v.91, no.3-v.92, no.5 (May 2012-Oct 2013) J-9311 Available