British headquarters (Sir Guy Carleton) papers, 1747 (1777)-1783.

These papers consist chiefly of the correspondence of Sir Guy Carleton although volumes 1-34 contain copies of letters received and sent by the previous commanders-in-chief. Included in the collection are 69 letters of George Washington concerning the New York campaign around Albany and Saratoga.

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Corporate Authors: Great Britain. Royal Commission on Historical Manuscripts, Royal Institution of Great Britain
Other Authors: Dorchester, Guy Carleton, Baron, 1724-1808, Washington, George, 1732-1799
Published: Washington : Photographed by Microfilming service, Recordak Corp., 1957.

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v.18 doc. 2214-v.22 doc. 2609 MF-17270 r.7 Available
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v.25 doc. 2971-v.28 doc. 3343 MF-17270 r.9 Available
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v.31 doc. 3687-v.35 doc. 4056 MF-17270 r.11 Available
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v.60 doc 6750-v.65 doc 7181 MF-17270 r.18 Available