Zeitschrift für die gesamte Staatswissenschaft = Journal of institutional and theoretical economics

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Published: Tübingen : Verlag der H. Laupp'schen Buchhandlung, 1844-c1985.
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J-9634 v.1-23 (1844-1867)
J-9515 v.24 (1868)
J-9634 v.25 (1869)
J-9634 v.27-31 (1871-1875)
J-9515 v.32-55 (1876-1899)
J-6599 v.56-59 (1900-1903)
J-6737 v.60-61 (1904-1905)
J-6599 v.62 no.1 (1906)
J-6737 v.62, no.2-v.67 (1911)
J-6737 v.69 (1913)
J-6737 v.71-87 (1915-1929)
J-5858 v.88-101 (1930-1941)
J-6737 v.102-104 (1941/1942-1943/1944)
J-5858 v.105-107 (1948-1951)
J-6737 v.108-141 (1952-1985)
J-9515 Index v.1-50 (1894)
J-6737 Index v.133 (1977)
J-9515 Supp v.38, no.3/4 (1882)
WANT: v.26 (1870); v.68 (1912); v.70 (1914)

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Description Local Call Number Status
Index v.1-50 (1894) J-9515 Available
Index v.133 (1977) J-6737 Available
Supp v.38, no.3/4 (1882) J-9515 Available
v.1-23 (1844-1867) J-9634 Available
v.24 (1868) J-9515 Available
v.25 (1869) J-9634 Available
v.27-31 (1871-1875) J-9634 Available
v.32-55 (1876-1899) J-9515 Available
v.56-59 (1900-1903) J-6599 Available
v.60-61 (1904-1905) J-6737 Available
v.62 no.1 (1906) J-6599 Available
v.62, no.2-v.67 (1911) J-6737 Available
v.69 (1913) J-6737 Available
v.71-87 (1915-1929) J-6737 Available
v.88-101 (1930-1941) J-5858 Available
v.102-104 (1941/1942-1943/1944) J-6737 Available
v.105-107 (1948-1951) J-5858 Available
v.108-141 (1952-1985) J-6737 Available