Journal de la Société des américanistes.

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Published: Paris : Au siège de la Société, 1930-
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Absorbed: Bibliographie américaniste. Archéologie et préhistoire, anthropologie et ethnohistoire
Includes a section entitled: Bibliographie américaniste, also published separately, 1930-1965/1966.


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J-9406 v.39-40 (1950-1951)
J-9166 v.42-50 (1953-1961)
J-10032 v.51-56 (1962-1967)
J-9564 v.57-63 (1968-1974/1976)
J-9166 v.64-66 (1977-1979)
J-9564 v.67-69 (1980-1983)
J-9166 v.70-72 (1984-1986)
J-9564 v.73-78 (1987-1992)
J-9202 v.79-82 (1993-1996)
J-9069 v.83-84, no.1 (1997-1998)
J-9202 v.84, no.2-v.89 (1998-2003)
J-9069 v.90 (2004)
J-9406 v.91-95, no.1 (2005-2009)
J-6368 v.95, no.2 (2009)
J-9406 v.96 (2010)
J-6368 v.97, no.1 (2011)
J-9406 v.97, no.2 (2011)
J-9202 v.98, no.1 (2012)
J-9069 v.98, no.2 (2012)
J-9406 v.99 (2013)
WANT: v.1-38 (1895-1949); v.41 (1952); v.100-106 (2014-2020), Index 1896-1946 (1946), Index 1947-1976 (1976)

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v.39-40 (1950-1951) J-9406 Available
v.42-50 (1953-1961) J-9166 Available
v.51-56 (1962-1967) J-10032 Available
v.57-63 (1968-1974/1976) J-9564 Available
v.64-66 (1977-1979) J-9166 Available
v.67-69 (1980-1983) J-9564 Available
v.70-72 (1984-1986) J-9166 Available
v.73-78 (1987-1992) J-9564 Available
v.79-82 (1993-1996) J-9202 Available
v.83-84, no.1 (1997-1998) J-9069 Available
v.84, no.2-v.89 (1998-2003) J-9202 Available
v.90 (2004) J-9069 Available
v.91-95, no.1 (2005-2009) J-9406 Available
v.95, no.2 (2009) J-6368 Available
v.96 (2010) J-9406 Available
v.97, no.1 (2011) J-6368 Available
v.97, no.2 (2011) J-9406 Available
v.98, no.1 (2012) J-9202 Available
v.98, no.2 (2012) J-9069 Available
v.99 (2013) J-9406 Available