K̄ochi Daigaku gakujutsu kenkȳu h̄okoku. Jinbun kagaku.

高知大学学術研究報告. 人文科学
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Corporate Author: K̄ochi Daigaku
Published: K̄ochi-shi : D̄o Daigaku, Sh̄owa 35-nen [1960]-
Related Items:Continues in part: K̄ochi Daigaku gakujutsu kenkȳu h̄okoku
Continued in part by: K̄ochi Daigaku gakujutsu kenkȳu h̄okoku. Shakai kagaku

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C-37017 v.9-16 (1960-1967)
C-37018 v.17-27 (1968-1978)

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v.9 (1960) C-37017 Available
v.10 (1961) C-37017 Available
v.11 (1962) C-37017 Available
v.12 (1963) C-37017 Available
v.13 (1964) C-37017 Available
v.14 (1965) C-37017 Available
v.15 (1966) C-37017 Available
v.16 (1967) C-37017 Available
v.17 (1968) C-37018 Available
v.18 (1969) C-37018 Available
v.20 (1971) C-37018 Available
v.21 (1972) C-37018 Available
v.22 (1973) C-37018 Available
v.23 (1974) C-37018 Available
v.24 (1975) C-37018 Available
v.25 (1976) C-37018 Available
v.26 (1977) C-37018 Available
v.27 (1978) C-37018 Available