Proceedings of the Aristotelian Society for the Systematic Study of Philosophy.

Includes Report of the executive committee for 1887/88-1914/15.

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Corporate Author: Aristotelian Society (Great Britain)
Published: London : Williams and Norgate, 1888-
Related Items:Has supplement: Supplementary volume (Aristotelian Society (Great Britain))
Also issued online: Proceedings of the Aristotelian Society
A selection of the papers read before the society 1896-1900 were published in Mind; a quarterly review of psychology and philosophy, new ser., v. 5 (1896)-9 (1900)

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J-3425 v.1-3 (1887-1895)
J-2795 n.s.v.1-20 (1900-1920)
J-2705 n.s.v.21-47 (1920-1947)
J-2795 n.s.v.48-49 (1947-1949)
J-2705 n.s.v.50-66 (1949-1966)
J-1316 n.s.v.67-70 (1966-1970)
J-2705 n.s.v.71-88 (1970-1988)
J-2749 n.s.v.89-103 (1988-2003)
J-3069 n.s.v.104 (2004)
J-4152 n.s.v.105 (2005)
J-5414 n.s.v.106 (2006)
J-2705 Index 1900-1949
WANT: n.s. v.107-113 (2007-2013)

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Index 1900-1949. J-2705 Available
n.s.v.1-20 (1900-1920) J-2795 Available
n.s.v.21-47 (1920-1947) J-2705 Available
n.s.v.48-49 (1947-1949) J-2795 Available
n.s.v.50-66 (1949-1966) J-2705 Available
n.s.v.67-70 (1966-1970) J-1316 Available
n.s.v.71-88 (1970-1988) J-2705 Available
n.s.v.89-103 (1988-2003) J-2749 Available
n.s.v.104 (2004) J-3069 Available
n.s.v.105 (2005) J-4152 Available
n.s.v.106 (2006) J-5414 Available
v.1-3 (1887-1895) J-3425 Available