Maxime de Redon des Chapelles

Marquis Charles-François-Jean-Maxime de Redon des Chapelles was a theatrically-obsessed aristocrat under the French ''ancien régime'', and a former French cavalry officer, who in Napoleon's France became one of the more prolific authors for the popular stage, writing melodramas and vaudevilles for the boulevard theatres. Provided by Wikipedia
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  1. 1
    by Redon, Maxime de
    Published 1828
    Paris : Chez J.-N. Barba, 1828
    35 p.
  2. 2
    by Redon, Maxime de
    Published 1809
    Paris : Chez Madame Cavanagh, 1809.
    47 p.
  3. 3
    [Paris, Impr. ... de Jules Didot, l'ainé, n.d.]
    20 p.
  4. 4
    Paris : Maldan, 1806.
    48 p.
    Other Authors: ...Redon, Maxime de...

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