Amos Eaton

Amos Eaton (May 17, 1776 – May 10, 1842) was an American botanist, geologist, and educator who is considered the founder of the modern scientific prospectus in education, which was a radical departure from the American liberal arts tradition of classics, theology, lecture, and recitation. Eaton co-founded the Rensselaer School in 1824 with Stephen van Rensselaer III "in the application of science to the common purposes of life". His books in the eighteenth century were among the first published for which a systematic treatment of the United States was attempted, and in a language that all could read. His teaching laboratory for botany in the 1820s was the first of its kind in the country. Eaton's popular lectures and writings inspired numerous thinkers, in particular women, whom he encouraged to attend his public talks on experimental philosophy. Emma Willard would found the Troy Female Seminary (Emma Willard School), and Mary Mason Lyon, the Mount Holyoke Female Seminary (Mount Holyoke College). Eaton held the rank of senior professor at Rensselaer until his death in 1842. Provided by Wikipedia
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  1. 1
    by Eaton, Amos, 1776-1842
    Published 1820
    Troy, N.Y., Albany, W. S. Parker; Websters and Skinners, 1820.
    xi, [1], [13]-286 p. 2 pl. 19 cm.
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    by Eaton, Amos, 1776-1842
    Published 1828
    Albany : Printed and published by Websters and Skinners, 1828.
    275 p. ; 18 cm.
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    by Eaton, Amos, 1776-1842
    Published 1830
    Albany, Websters and Skinners, 1830.
    vii, [9]-63, [1] p. illus., fold map. 21 cm.
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    by Eaton, Amos, 1776-1842
    Published 1836
    Albany, N.Y., Troy, N.Y., Oliver Steele; N. Tuttle, 1836.
    125 p.
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    by Eaton, Amos, 1776-1842
    Published 1818
    Leicester [Mass.] Albany; Northampton; Printed by Hori Brown, Websters and Skinners, by Simeon Butler, and by Cummings and Hilliard, Boston, 1818.
    52 p. fold. pl. 23 x 14 cm.
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    by Eaton, Amos, 1776-1842
    Published 1832
    Albany, New-York, Websters and Skinners; G. and C. and H. Carvill; 1832.
    134 p. incl. illus., plates. 5 pl. 21 cm.
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