SIAM journal on applied mathematics.

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Corporate Author: Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics
Published: Philadelphia, Pa. : Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics, c1966-
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Note: with v.66 months were removed from the issue information. mew
J-7077 v.14-15 (1966-1967)
J-7349 v.16 (1968)
J-5212 v.17 (1969)
J-7139 v.18-23 (1970-1972)
J-69 v.24-50 (1973-1990)
J-2194 v.51-53 (1991-1993)
J-69 v.54-55 (1994-1995)
J-1926 v.56-62 (1996-2002)
J-6818 v.63 (2002-2004)
J-3251 v.64 (2003-2004)
J-6818 v.65, no.1-3 (Sep-Dec 2005)
J-8647 v.65. no.4-6 (Apr-Sep 2005)
J-8546 v.66, no.1-3 (2005-2006)
J-8647 v.66, no.4-6 (2006)
J-6818 v.67, no.1-6 (2006-2007)
J-7129 v.68 (2008)
J-7506 v.69, no.1-4 (2008)
J-7785 v.69, no.5 (2009)
J-7506 v.69, no.6-v.72, no.5 (2009-2012)
J-7785 v.72, no.6 (2012)
WANT: v.73-74 (2013-2014)

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Description Local Call Number Status
v.14-15 (1966-1967) J-7077 Available
v.16 (1968) J-7349 Available
v.17 (1969) J-5212 Available
v.18-23 (1970-1972) J-7139 Available
v.24-50 (1973-1990) J-69 Available
v.51-53 (1991-1993) J-2194 Available
v.54-55 (1994-1995) J-69 Available
v.56-62 (1996-2002) J-1926 Available
v.63 (2002-2004) J-6818 Available
v.64 (2003-2004) J-3251 Available
v.65, no.1-3 (Sep-Dec 2005) J-6818 Available
v.65. no.4-6 (Apr-Sep 2005) J-8647 Available
v.66, no.1-3 (2005-2006) J-8546 Available
v.66, no.4-6 (2006) J-8647 Available
v.67, no.1-6 (2006-2007) J-6818 Available
v.68 (2008) J-7129 Available
v.69, no.1-4 (2008) J-7506 Available
v.69, no.5 (2009) J-7785 Available
v.69, no.6-v.72, no.5 (2009-2012) J-7506 Available
v.72, no.6 (2012) J-7785 Available