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Published: Padova : CEDAM,


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J-1668 v.1 (1939)
J-1668 v.3-10 (1941-1951)
J-9588 v.11-12 (1952-1953)
J-1668 v.13-20 (1954-1961)
J-2007 v.21-24 (1962-1965)
J-1668 v.25-27 (1966-1968)
J-2007 v.28-29 (1969-1970)
J-1668 v.30-31 (1971-1972)
J-2007 v.32-36 (1973-1977)
J-1668 v.37-40 (1978-1981)
J-2007 v.41-48 (1982-1989)
J-1668 v.49-52 (1990-1993)
J-1668 v.54 (1995)
J-8037 v.53 (1994)
J-2007 v.55 (1996)
J-8037 v.56 (1997)
J-8171 v.57-58 (1998-1999)
WANT: v.2 (1940); v.59-71 (2000-2012)

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Description Local Call Number Status
v.1 (1939) J-1668 Available
v.3-10 (1941-1951) J-1668 Available
v.11-12 (1952-1953) J-9588 Available
v.13-20 (1954-1961) J-1668 Available
v.21-24 (1962-1965) J-2007 Available
v.25-27 (1966-1968) J-1668 Available
v.28-29 (1969-1970) J-2007 Available
v.30-31 (1971-1972) J-1668 Available
v.32-36 (1973-1977) J-2007 Available
v.37-40 (1978-1981) J-1668 Available
v.41-48 (1982-1989) J-2007 Available
v.49-52 (1990-1993) J-1668 Available
v.53 (1994) J-8037 Available
v.54 (1995) J-1668 Available
v.55 (1996) J-2007 Available
v.56 (1997) J-8037 Available
v.57-58 (1998-1999) J-8171 Available