Original correspondence. Jamaica, 1689-1951 (C.O. 137)

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Corporate Authors: Great Britain. Colonial Office, Great Britain. Public Record Office
Published: London : Public Record Office, 1972-
Series:Records of the Public Record Office.

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T3/R82/A v.5-12, 18-23, 48, 56
MF-14210 (28 reels) v.91-177
MF-13425 (59 reels) v. 178-248
T3/R82/A v.261-266, 272

Item List

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Description Local Call Number Status
CO 137/5-6 T3/R82/A Available
CO 137/7-8 T3/R82/A Available
CO 137/9-10 T3/R82/A Available
CO 137/11-12 T3/R82/A Available
CO 137/261 T3/R82/A Available
CO 137/262 T3/R82/A Available
CO 137/263 T3/R82/A Available
CO 137/264 T3/R82/A Available
CO 137/265 T3/R82/A Available
CO 137/266 T3/R82/A Available
CO 137/272 T3/R82/A Available
CO 137/v.18 (1-E) 19 (1-E) 20 (1-E) 21 (1-E) 22 (1-25) T3/R82/A Available
CO 137/v.22 (24-G) 23 (1-E) T3/R82/A Available
CO 137/v.48 (1-E) T3/R82/A Available
CO 137/v.56 (1-E) T3/R82/A Available
v.91-92 (1792-1794) MF-14210 r.1 Available
v.93-94 (1794-1795) MF-14210 r.2 Available
v.95-96 (1795-1796) MF-14210 r.3 Available
v.97-98 (1796 -1797) MF-14210 r.4 Available
v.99-100 (1797-1798) MF-14210 r.5 Available
v.101-102 (1798-1799) MF-14210 r.6 Available
v.103-104 (1799-1800) MF-14210 r.7 Available
v.105 (1800-1801) MF-14210 r.8 Available
v.148-149 (1814-1819) MF-14210 r.9 Available
v.150-152 (1820-1821) MF-14210 r.10 Available
v.153 (1822) MF-14210 r.11 Available
v.154 (1823) MF-14210 r.12 Available
v.155-156 (1824) MF-14210 r.13 Available
v.157 (1824) MF-14210 r.14 Available
v.158-159 (1824) MF-14210 r.15 Available
v.160-161 (1825) MF-14210 r.16 Available
v.162-163 (1826) MF-14210 r.17 Available
v.164 (1826) MF-14210 r.18 Available
v.165 (1827) MF-14210 r.19 Available
v.166 (1827) MF-14210 r.20 Available
v.167 (1828) MF-14210 r.21 Available
v.168 (1828) MF-14210 r.22 Available
v.169 (1829) MF-14210 r.23 Available
v.170-171 (1830) MF-14210 r.24 Available
v.172-173 (January - July 1830 August - December 1830) MF-14210 r.25 Available
v.174 (1824-1828) MF-14210 r.26 Available
v.175 (1824-1828) MF-14210 r.27 Available
v.176-177 (1824-1829) MF-14210 r.28 Available
v.178-179 (1-218) MF-13425 r.1 Available
v.179-180 (1-280) MF-13425 r.2 Available
v.180 (281-E) -v.182 (1-100) MF-13425 r.3 Available
v.182 (101-E)-v.183 (1-218) MF-13425 r.4 Available
v.183 (219-E)-v.184 MF-13425 r.5 Available
v.185 (1-576) MF-13425 r.6 Available
v.185 (576-E) MF-13425 r.7 Available
v.186 (August - December 1832) MF-13425 r.8 Available
v.187 (1-144) MF-13425 r.9 Available
v.187 (144-E)-v.189 MF-13425 r.10 Available
v.190 (Jun - December 1833) MF-13425 r.11 Available
v.191 (Jun - December 1833) MF-13425 r.12 Available
v.192-v.193(1-30) MF-13425 r.13 Available
v.193 (30-E)-v.194 MF-13425 r.14 Available
v.195 (September - November 1834) MF-13425 r.15 Available
v.196-v.197 (1-271) MF-13425 r.16 Available
v.197 (271-E)-v.198 (1-450) MF-13425 r.17 Available
v.198 (450-E)-v.200 (1-224) MF-13425 r.18 Available
v.200 (224-E)-v.201 (1-329) MF-13425 r.19 Available
v.201 (330-E)-v.202 MF-13425 r.20 Available
v.203 (1835 October) MF-13425 r.21 Available
v.204-v.206 (1-10) MF-13425 r.22 Available
v.206 (10-E)-v.207 (1-15) MF-13425 r.23 Available
v.207 (15-E) MF-13425 r.24 Available
v.208-v.209 (1-108) MF-13425 r.25 Available
v.209 (108-E)-v.210 (1-19) MF-13425 r.26 Available
v.210 (19-E)-v.211 (1-81) MF-13425 r.27 Available
v.211 (81-E) MF-13425 r.28 Available
v.212-v.213 (1-103) MF-13425 r.29 Available
v.213 (103-E)-v.214 (1-282) MF-13425 r.30 Available
v.214 (282-E)-v.215 (1-395) MF-13425 r.31 Available
v.215 (395-E)-v.216 (1-362) MF-13425 r.32 Available
v.216 (362-E)-v.217 (1-398) MF-13425 r.33 Available
v.217 (399-E)-v.218 (1-469) MF-13425 r.34 Available
v.218 (469-E)-v.219 MF-13425 r.35 Available
v.220 (January - May 1837) MF-13425 r.36 Available
v.221 (Jun - October 1837) MF-13425 r.37 Available
v.222 (November - December 1837) MF-13425 r.38 Available
v.223 (November - December 1837) MF-13425 r.39 Available
v.224 (November - December 1837) MF-13425 r.40 Available
v.225 (1835 - 1837) MF-13425 r.41 Available
v.226-v.227 (1-95) MF-13425 r.42 Available
v.227 (95-E)-v.228 (1-282) MF-13425 r.43 Available
v.228 (282-E)-v.229 (1-422) MF-13425 r.44 Available
v.229 (422-E)-v.230 MF-13425 r.45 Available
v.231-v.232 (1-362) MF-13425 r.46 Available
v.232 (362-E)-v.233 MF-13425 r.47 Available
v.234-v.235 (1-141) MF-13425 r.48 Available
v.235 (141-E)-v.236 (1-343) MF-13425 r.49 Available
v.236 (343-E)-v.238 (1-84) MF-13425 r.50 Available
v.238 (84-E)-v.239 (1-230) MF-13425 r.51 Available
v.239 (230-E)-v.240 MF-13425 r.52 Available
v.241-v.242 (1-188) MF-13425 r.53 Available
v.242 (188-E)-v.243 (1-252) MF-13425 r.54 Available
v.243 (252-E)-v.244 (1-407) MF-13425 r.55 Available
v.244 (407-E)-v.245 (1-429) MF-13425 r.56 Available
v.245 (429-E)-v.247 (1-36) MF-13425 r.57 Available
v.247 (36-E) MF-13425 r.58 Available
v.248 MF-13425 r.59 Available