Agricultural situation in India.

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Corporate Author: India. Directorate of Economics and Statistics
Published: [Delhi, Manager of Publications, Civil Lines.]

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5/40/S6-7 v. 9-v.19, no.4 (Apr 1954-Jul 1964); LACKS: v.12, no.1, v.13, no.4
5/38/G4 Suppl: Dec 1957, Sep 1958, Feb 1962, Mar 1962, Apr 1963
5/40/S7 v.19, no.5-v.25 (Aug 1964-Mar 1971); LACKS: v.24, no.8
5/38/G4 Suppl. (Feb 1967)
5/19/Q5 v.26-30 no.1 (Apr 1971-Apr 1975)
5/60/C1 v.30, no.2-v.34, no.11; v.35, no.12-v.44 (May 1975-Mar 1990); LACKS: v.33, no.3-4,6-8; v.37, no.11, v.40, no.10,12; v.41, no.1
5/60/Y6 v.45-48 (Apr 1990-Mar 1994); LACKS: v.45, no.10-12, v.46, no.1-6,9
E-13535 v.49, no.1-5 (Apr-Aug 1994); v.49. no.7-12 (Oct 1994-Mar 1995); v.50, no.1-5 (Apr-Aug 1995); v.52, no.6-8 (Sep-Dec 1995)

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Description Local Call Number Status
Apr 1958 5/40/S6-7 Available
Apr 1959 5/40/S6-7 Available
Apr 1960 5/40/S6-7 Available
Apr 1960-Mar 1961 5/40/S6-7 Available
Apr 1961 5/40/S6-7 Available
Apr 1962 5/40/S6-7 Available
Apr 1963 5/40/S6-7 Available
Apr 1965 5/40/S7 Available
Aug 1958 5/40/S6-7 Available
Aug 1959 5/40/S6-7 Available
Aug 1960 5/40/S6-7 Available
Aug 1961 5/40/S6-7 Available
Aug 1962 5/40/S6-7 Available
Aug 1963 5/40/S6-7 Available
Aug 1964 5/40/S7 Available
Aug 1965 5/40/S7 Available
Dec 1958 5/40/S6-7 Available
Dec 1959 5/40/S6-7 Available
Dec 1960 5/40/S6-7 Available
Dec 1962 5/40/S6-7 Available
Dec 1963 5/40/S6-7 Available
Dec 1964 5/40/S7 Available
Dec 1965 5/40/S7 Available
Feb 1958 5/40/S6-7 Available
Feb 1959 5/40/S6-7 Available
Feb 1960 5/40/S6-7 Available
Feb 1961 5/40/S6-7 Available
Feb 1962 5/40/S6-7 Available
Feb 1963 5/40/S6-7 Available
Feb 1965 5/40/S7 Available
Jan 1958 5/40/S6-7 Available
Jan 1959 5/40/S6-7 Available
Jan 1960 5/40/S6-7 Available
Jan 1961 5/40/S6-7 Available
Jan 1962 5/40/S6-7 Available
Jan 1963 5/40/S6-7 Available
Jan 1965 5/40/S7 Available
Jul 1959 5/40/S6-7 Available
Jul 1960 5/40/S6-7 Available
Jul 1961 5/40/S6-7 Available
Jul 1962 5/40/S6-7 Available
Jul 1963 5/40/S6-7 Available
Jul 1965 5/40/S7 Available
Jun 1958 5/40/S6-7 Available
Jun 1959 5/40/S6-7 Available
Jun 1960 5/40/S6-7 Available
Jun 1961 5/40/S6-7 Available
Jun 1962 5/40/S6-7 Available
Jun 1965 5/40/S7 Available
Mar 1958 5/40/S6-7 Available
Mar 1959 5/40/S6-7 Available
Mar 1960 5/40/S6-7 Available
Mar 1961 5/40/S6-7 Available
Mar 1962 5/40/S6-7 Available
Mar 1963 5/40/S6-7 Available
Mar 1965 5/40/S7 Available
May-Jun 1963 5/40/S6-7 Available
May 1958 5/40/S6-7 Available
May 1959 5/40/S6-7 Available
May 1960 5/40/S6-7 Available
May 1961 5/40/S6-7 Available
May 1962 5/40/S6-7 Available
May 1965 5/40/S7 Available
Nov - Dec 1961 5/40/S6-7 Available
Nov 1958 5/40/S6-7 Available
Nov 1959 5/40/S6-7 Available
Nov 1960 5/40/S6-7 Available
Nov 1962 5/40/S6-7 Available
Nov 1963 5/40/S6-7 Available
Nov 1964 5/40/S7 Available
Nov 1965 5/40/S7 Available
Oct 1958 5/40/S6-7 Available
Oct 1959 5/40/S6-7 Available
Oct 1960 5/40/S6-7 Available
Oct 1961 5/40/S6-7 Available
Oct 1962 5/40/S6-7 Available
Oct 1963 5/40/S6-7 Available
Oct 1964 5/40/S7 Available
Oct 1965 5/40/S7 Available
Sep 1958 5/40/S6-7 Available
Sep 1959 5/40/S6-7 Available
Sep 1960 5/40/S6-7 Available
Sep 1961 5/40/S6-7 Available
Sep 1962 5/40/S6-7 Available
Sep 1963 5/40/S6-7 Available
Sep 1964 5/40/S7 Available
Sep 1965 5/40/S7 Available
v.37 no.1 Apr 1982 5/60/C1 Available
v.37 no.2 May 1982 5/60/C1 Available
v.37 no.3 Jun 1982 5/60/C1 Available
v.37 no.4 Jul 1982 5/60/C1 Available
v.37 no.5 Aug 1982 5/60/C1 Available
v.37 no.6 Sep 1982 5/60/C1 Available
v.37 no.7 Oct 1982 5/60/C1 Available
v.37 no.8 Nov 1982 5/60/C1 Available
v.37 no.9 Dec 1982 5/60/C1 Available
v.37 no.10 Jan 1983 5/60/C1 Available
v.37 no.12 Mar 1983 5/60/C1 Available
v.38 index 5/60/C1 Available
v.38 no.1 Apr 1983 5/60/C1 Available
v.38 no.2 May 1983 5/60/C1 Available
v.38 no.3 Jun 1983 5/60/C1 Available
v.38 no.4 Jul 1983 5/60/C1 Available
v.38 no.5 Aug 1983 5/60/C1 Available
v.38 no.6 Sep 1983 5/60/C1 Available
v.38 no.7 Oct 1983 5/60/C1 Available
v.38 no.8 Nov 1983 5/60/C1 Available
v.38 no.9 Dec 1983 5/60/C1 Available
v.38 no.10 Jan 1984 5/60/C1 Available
v.38 no.11 Feb 1984 5/60/C1 Available
v.38 no.12 Mar 1984 5/60/C1 Available
v.39 no.1 Apr 1984 5/60/C1 Available
v.39 no.2 May 1984 5/60/C1 Available
v.39 no.3 Jun 1984 5/60/C1 Available
v.39 no.4 Jul 1984 5/60/C1 Available
v.39 no.5 Aug 1984 5/60/C1 Available
v.39 no.6 Sep 1984 5/60/C1 Available
v.39 no.7 Oct 1984 5/60/C1 Available
v.39 no.8 Nov 1984 5/60/C1 Available
v.39 no.9 Dec 1984 5/60/C1 Available
v.39 no.10 Jan 1985 5/60/C1 Available
v.39 no.11 Feb 1985 5/60/C1 Available
v.39 no.12 Mar 1985 5/60/C1 Available
v.40 no.2 Apr 1985 5/60/C1 Available
v.40 no.3 May 1985 5/60/C1 Available
v.40 no.4 Jun 1985 5/60/C1 Available
v.40 no.5 Jul 1985 5/60/C1 Available
v.40 no.6 Aug 1985 5/60/C1 Available
v.40 no.7 Sep 1985 5/60/C1 Available
v.40 no.8 Oct 1985 5/60/C1 Available
v.40 no.9 Nov 1985 5/60/C1 Available
v.40 no.10 Dec 1985 5/60/C1 Available
v.40 no.11 Feb 1986 5/60/C1 Available
v.41 no.2 May 1986 5/60/C1 Available
v.41 no.3 Jun 1986 5/60/C1 Available
v.41 no.4 Jul 1986 5/60/C1 Available
v.41 no.5 Aug 1986 5/60/C1 Available
v.41 no.6 Sep 1986 5/60/C1 Available
v.41 no.7 Oct 1986 5/60/C1 Available
v.41 no.8 Nov 1986 5/60/C1 Available
v.41 no.9 Dec 1986 5/60/C1 Available
v.41 no.10 Jan 1987 5/60/C1 Available
v.41 no.11 Feb 1987 5/60/C1 Available
v.41 no.12 Mar 1987 5/60/C1 Available
v.42 no.1 Apr 1987 5/60/C1 Available
v.42 no.2 May 1987 5/60/C1 Available
v.42 no.3 Jun 1987 5/60/C1 Available
v.42 no.4 Jul 1987 5/60/C1 Available
v.42 no.5 Aug 1987 5/60/C1 Available
v.42 no.6 Sep 1987 5/60/C1 Available
v.42 no.7 Oct 1987 5/60/C1 Available
v.42 no.8 Nov 1987 5/60/C1 Available
v.42 no.9 Dec 1987 5/60/C1 Available
v.42 no.10 Jan 1988 5/60/C1 Available
v.42 no.11 Feb 1988 5/60/C1 Available
v.42 no.12 Mar 1988 5/60/C1 Available
v.43 no.1 Apr 1988 5/60/C1 Available
v.43 no.2 May 1988 5/60/C1 Available
v.43 no.3 Jun 1988 5/60/C1 Available
v.43 no.4 Jul 1988 5/60/C1 Available
v.43 no.5 Aug 1988 5/60/C1 Available
v.43 no.6 Sep 1988 5/60/C1 Available
v.43 no.7 Oct 1988 5/60/C1 Available
v.43 no.8 Nov 1988 5/60/C1 Available
v.43 no.9 Dec 1988 5/60/C1 Available
v.43 no.10 Jan 1989 5/60/C1 Available
v.43 no.11 Feb 1989 5/60/C1 Available
v.43 no.12 Mar 1989 5/60/C1 Available
v.44 no.1 Apr 1990 5/60/C1 Available
v.44 no.2 May 1989 5/60/C1 Available
v.44 no.3 Jun 1989 5/60/C1 Available
v.44 no.4 Jul 1989 5/60/C1 Available
v.44 no.5 Aug 1989 5/60/C1 Available
v.44 no.6 Sep 1989 5/60/C1 Available
v.44 no.7 Oct 1989 5/60/C1 Available
v.44 no.8 Nov 1989 5/60/C1 Available
v.44 no.9 Dec 1989 5/60/C1 Available
v.44 no.10 Jan 1990 5/60/C1 Available
v.44 no.11 Feb 1990 5/60/C1 Available
v.44 no.12 Mar 1990 5/60/C1 Available
v.45 no.1 Apr 1990 5/60/Y6 Available
v.45 no.2 May 1990 5/60/Y6 Available
v.45 no.3 Jun 1990 5/60/Y6 Available
v.45 no.4 Jul 1990 5/60/Y6 Available
v.45 no.5 Aug 1990 5/60/Y6 Available
v.45 no.6 Sep 1990 5/60/Y6 Available
v.45 no.7 Oct 1990 5/60/Y6 Available
v.45 no.8 Nov 1990 5/60/Y6 Available
v.45 no.9 Dec 1990 5/60/Y6 Available
v.46 no.7 Oct 1991 5/60/Y6 Available
v.46 no.8 Nov 1991 5/60/Y6 Available
v.46 no.10 Jan 1992 5/60/Y6 Available
v.46 no.11 Feb 1992 5/60/Y6 Available
v.46 no.12 Mar 1992 5/60/Y6 Available
v.47 no.1 Apr 1992 5/60/Y6 Available
v.47 no.2 May 1992 5/60/Y6 Available
v.47 no.3 Jun 1992 5/60/Y6 Available
v.47 no.4 Jul 1992 5/60/Y6 Available
v.47 no.5 Aug 1992 5/60/Y6 Available
v.47 no.6 Sep 1992 5/60/Y6 Available
v.47 no.7 Oct 1992 5/60/Y6 Available
v.47 no.8 Nov 1992 5/60/Y6 Available
v.47 no.9 Dec 1992 5/60/Y6 Available
v.47 no.10 Jan 1993 5/60/Y6 Available
v.47 no.11 Feb 1993 5/60/Y6 Available
v.47 no.12 Mar 1993 5/60/Y6 Available
v.48 no.1 Apr 1993 5/60/Y6 Available
v.48 no.2 May 1993 5/60/Y6 Available
v.48 no.3 Jun 1993 5/60/Y6 Available
v.48 no.4 Jul 1993 5/60/Y6 Available
v.48 no.5 Aug 1993 5/60/Y6 Available
v.48 no.6 Sep 1993 5/60/Y6 Available
v.48 no.7 Oct 1993 5/60/Y6 Available
v.48 no.8 Nov 1993 5/60/Y6 Available
v.48 no.9 Dec 1993 5/60/Y6 Available
v.48 no.10 Jan 1994 5/60/Y6 Available
v.48 no.11 Feb 1994 5/60/Y6 Available
v.48 no.12 Mar 1994 5/60/Y6 Available
v.49 no.1 (Apr 1994) E-13535 Available
v.49 no.2 (May 1994) E-13535 Available
v.49 no.3 (Jun 1994) E-13535 Available
v.49 no.4 (Jul 1994) E-13535 Available
v.49 no.5 (Aug 1994) E-13535 Available
v.49 no.7 (Oct 1994) E-13535 Available
v.49 no.8 (Nov 1994) E-13535 Available
v.49 no.9 (Dec 1994) E-13535 Available
v.49 no.10 (Jan 1995) E-13535 Available
v.49 no.11 (Feb 1995) E-13535 Available
v.49 no.12 (Mar 1995) E-13535 Available
v.50 no.1 (Apr 1995) E-13535 Available
v.50 no.2 (May 1995) E-13535 Available
v.50 no.3 (Jun 1995) E-13535 Available
v.50 no.4 (Jul 1995) E-13535 Available
v.50 no.5 (Aug 1995) E-13535 Available
v.52 no.6 (Sep 1995) E-13535 Available
v.52 no.7 (Oct 1995) E-13535 Available
v.52 no.8 (Nov 1995) E-13535 Available
v.52 no.9 (Dec 1995) E-13535 Available