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Corporate Author: Royal Society (Great Britain)
Published: London : Royal Society of London, c1990-
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J-3418 v.241-246 (1990-1991)
J-4791 v.247-258 (Jan. 22, 1992-Dec. 22, 1994)
J-5215 v.259-263 (1995-1996)
J-4791 v.264, no.1378-1385 (Jan. 22, 1997-Aug. 22, 1997)
J-5215 v.264, no. 1386-1389 (1997)
J-413 v.265 (1998)
J-1772 v.266 (1999)
J-2678 v.267 (2000)
J-1772 v.268-269 (2001-2002)
J-2678 v.270-272 (2003-2005)
J-3015 v.273, no.1582-1587 (2006)
J-3418 v.273, no.1586-1589 (2006)
J-3418 v.273, no.1593 (2006)
J-3015 v.273, no.1594-1600 (2006)
J-3418 v.273, no.1598-1601 (2006)
J-3015 v.273, no.1602-1605 (2006)
J-5210 v.274, no.1606 (2007)
J-3418 v.274, no.1607-1629 (2007)
J-4930 v.275 (Jan-Dec 2008)
J-7445 v.276, no.1654-1665 (Jan-Jun2009)
J-7313 v.276, no.1666-1677 (Jul-Dec 2009)
WANT: v.273, no.1590-1592 (2006)

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Description Local Call Number Status
v.241-246 (1990-1991) J-3418 Available
v.247-258 (Jan. 22, 1992-Dec. 22, 1994) J-4791 Available
v.259-263 (1995-1996) J-5215 Available
v.264, no.1378-1385 (Jan. 22, 1997-Aug. 22, 1997) J-4791 Available
v.264, no. 1386-1389 (1997) J-5215 Available
v.265 (1998) J-413 Available
v.266 (1999) J-1772 Available
v.267 (2000) J-2678 Available
v.268-269 (2001-2002) J-1772 Available
v.270-272 (2003-2005) J-2678 Available
v.273, no.1582-1587 (2006) J-3015 Available
v.273, no.1586-1589 (2006) J-3418 Available
v.273, no.1593 (2006) J-3418 Available
v.273, no.1594-1600 (2006) J-3015 Available
v.273, no.1598-1601 (2006) J-3418 Available
v.273, no.1602-1605 (2006) J-3015 Available
v.274, no.1606 (2007) J-5210 Available
v.274, no.1607-1629 (2007) J-3418 Available
v.275 (Jan-Dec 2008) J-4930 Available
v.276, no.1654-1665 (Jan-Jun2009) J-7445 Available
v.276, no.1666-1677 (Jul-Dec 2009) J-7313 Available