Xiddigta Oktobar.

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Corporate Author: Somalia. Ministry of Information and National Guidance
Published: Mogadishu [Somalia]: Wasaarad da Warfaafinta iyo Hanuuninta Dadweynaha,
Global Resources Program:Cooperative Africana Materials Project (CAMP)

Government Document Newspaper Microform

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MF-7397 CAMP (23 reels) 1973-Jun 1986

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Description Local Call Number Status
1973 MF-7397 r.1 Available
1974 MF-7397 r.2 Available
1975 MF-7397 r.3 Available
Jan 1-Dec 31 1981 MF-7397 r.14 Available
Jan 1-Jun 29 1978 MF-7397 r.8 Available
Jan 1-Jun 30 1976 MF-7397 r.4 Available
Jan 1-Jun 30 1977 MF-7397 r.6 Available
Jan 1-Jun 30 1979 MF-7397 r.10 Available
Jan 1-Jun 30 1980 MF-7397 r.12 Available
Jan 1-Jun 30 1983 MF-7397 r.17 Available
Jan 1-Jun 30 1984 MF-7397 r.19 Available
Jan 1-Jun 30 1985 MF-7397 r.21 Available
Jan 1-Jun 30 1986 MF-7397 r.23 Available
Jan 2-Jun 30 1982 MF-7397 r.15 Available
Jul 1-Dec 30 1982 MF-7397 r.16 Available
Jul 1-Dec 31 1976 MF-7397 r.5 Available
Jul 1-Dec 31 1977 MF-7397 r.7 Available
Jul 1-Dec 31 1978 MF-7397 r.9 Available
Jul 1-Dec 31 1979 MF-7397 r.11 Available
Jul 1-Dec 31 1980 MF-7397 r.13 Available
Jul 1-Dec 31 1985 MF-7397 r.22 Available
Jul 2-Dec 31 1984 MF-7397 r.20 Available
Jul 5-Dec 31 1983 MF-7397 r.18 Available