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Corporate Author: R.R. Bowker Company
Published: New York, R.R. Bowker Co.
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Indexed by: Subject guide to books in print, 1957-1987/88; by: Books in print. Subject guide, 1988/89-
Issued 1948-72 as "author-title-series index to Publishers' trade list annual."
Kept updated by annual publication called Books in print supplement, 1972/73- ; and bimonthly issues of Forthcoming books, 1966-
Science/technology-oriented parts also available as part of CD-ROM: SciTech reference plus.
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D-3022 1948-1956
E-9286 1957
E-9306 1958-1959
E-10221 1960-1964
E-3179 1965
E-3198 1966
E-9306 1967
E-4071 1968
E-9252 1969
E-4071 1970-1971
E-9306 1972
E-5982 1973-1978
E-9252 1978/1979-1992/1993
E-10221 1993/1994-1994/1995
E-10768 1995/1996-1997/1998
E-14152 1998/1999-2005/2006
E-15615 2006/2007-2009/2010
E-16453 2010/2011
E-17490 2011/2012-2013/2014
E-18079 2014/2015-2015/2016

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Description Local Call Number Status
1950 D-3022 Available
1960 E-10221 Available
1970: Authors v.1 E-4071 Available
1970: Titles and Publishers v.2 E-4071 Available
1980/1981: v.1 (A-J) E-9252 Available
1980/1981: v.2 (K-Z) E-9252 Available
1980/1981: v.3 (A-J) E-9252 Available
1980/1981: v.4 (K-Z) E-9252 Available
1990/1991 O.P.-O.S.I. v.7 E-9252 Available
1990/1991: Authors v.1 E-9252 Available
1990/1991: Authors v.2 E-9252 Available
1990/1991: Authors v.3 E-9252 Available
1990/1991: Publishers v.8 E-9252 Available
1990/1991: Titles v.4 E-9252 Available
1990/1991: Titles v.5 E-9252 Available
1990/1991: Titles v.6 E-9252 Available
1998/1999: Authors v.1 E-14152 Available
1998/1999: Authors v.2 E-14152 Available
1998/1999: Authors v.3 E-14152 Available
1998/1999: Authors v.4 E-14152 Available
1998/1999: Titles v.5 E-14152 Available
1998/1999: Titles v.6 E-14152 Available
1998/1999: Titles v.7 E-14152 Available
1998/1999: Titles v.8 E-14152 Available
1998/1999: Titles v.9 E-14152 Available
1999/2000: Authors v.1 E-14152 Available
1999/2000: Authors v.2 E-14152 Available
1999/2000: Authors v.3 E-14152 Available
1999/2000: Authors v.4 E-14152 Available
1999/2000: Publishers v.9 E-14152 Available
1999/2000: Titles v.5 E-14152 Available
1999/2000: Titles v.6 E-14152 Available
1999/2000: Titles v.7 E-14152 Available
1999/2000: Titles v.8 E-14152 Available
2000/2001: Authors v.1 E-14152 Available
2000/2001: Authors v.2 E-14152 Available
2000/2001: Authors v.3 E-14152 Available
2000/2001: Authors v.4 E-14152 Available
2000/2001: Publishers v.9 E-14152 Available
2000/2001: Titles v.5 E-14152 Available
2000/2001: Titles v.6 E-14152 Available
2000/2001: Titles v.7 E-14152 Available
2000/2001: Titles v.8 E-14152 Available
2001/2002: Authors v.1 E-14152 Available
2001/2002: Authors v.2 E-14152 Available
2001/2002: Authors v.3 E-14152 Available
2001/2002: Authors v.4 E-14152 Available
2001/2002: Publishers v.9 E-14152 Available
2001/2002: Titles v.5 E-14152 Available
2001/2002: Titles v.6 E-14152 Available
2001/2002: Titles v.7 E-14152 Available
2001/2002: Titles v.8 E-14152 Available
2002/2003: Authors v.5 E-14152 Available
2002/2003: Authors v.6 E-14152 Available
2002/2003: Authors v.7 E-14152 Available
2002/2003: Authors v.8 E-14152 Available
2002/2003: Titles v.1 E-14152 Available
2002/2003: Titles v.2 E-14152 Available
2002/2003: Titles v.3 E-14152 Available
2002/2003: Titles v.4 E-14152 Available
2003/2004: Authors v.6 E-14152 Available
2003/2004: Authors v.7 E-14152 Available
2003/2004: Authors v.8 E-14152 Available
2003/2004: Titles v.1 E-14152 Available
2003/2004: Titles v.2 E-14152 Available
2003/2004: Titles v.3 E-14152 Available
2003/2004: Titles v.4 E-14152 Available
2003/2004: Titles v.5 E-14152 Available
2004/2005: Authors v.6 E-14152 Available
2004/2005: Authors v.7 E-14152 Available
2004/2005: Titles/Authors v.5 E-14152 Available
2004/2005: Titles v.1 E-14152 Available
2004/2005: Titles v.2 E-14152 Available
2004/2005: Titles v.3 E-14152 Available
2004/2005: Titles v.4 E-14152 Available
2005/2006: Authors v.6 E-14152 Available
2005/2006: Authors v.7 E-14152 Available
2005/2006: Titles/Authors v.5 E-14152 Available
2005/2006: Titles v.1 E-14152 Available
2005/2006: Titles v.2 E-14152 Available
2005/2006: Titles v.3 E-14152 Available
2006/2007: Authors v.6 (C-L) E-15615 Available
2006/2007: Authors v.7 (M-Z) E-15615 Available
2006/2007: Titles/Authors v.5 (T-Z/A-B) E-15615 Available
2006/2007: Titles v.1 (A-C) E-15615 Available
2006/2007: Titles v.2 (D-H) E-15615 Available
2006/2007: Titles v.3 (I-N) E-15615 Available
2006/2007: Titles v.4 (O-S) E-15615 Available
2007/2008: Authors/Publishers v.7 (Q-Z) E-15615 Available
2007/2008: Authors v.6 (G-P) E-15615 Available
2007/2008: Titles/Authors v.5 (W-Z/A-F) E-15615 Available
2007/2008: Titles v.1 (A-D) E-15615 Available
2007/2008: Titles v.2 (E-J) E-15615 Available
2007/2008: Titles v.3 (K-P) E-15615 Available
2007/2008: Titles v.4 (Q-V) E-15615 Available
2008/2009: Authors/Publishers v.7 (Q-Z) E-15615 Available
2008/2009: Authors v.6 (G-P) E-15615 Available
2008/2009: Titles/Authors v.5 (W-Z/A-F) E-15615 Available
2008/2009: Titles v.1 (A-D) E-15615 Available
2008/2009: Titles v.2 (E-J) E-15615 Available
2008/2009: Titles v.3 (K-P) E-15615 Available
2008/2009: Titles v.4 (Q-V) E-15615 Available
2009/2010: Authors/Publishers v.7 (Q-Z) E-15615 Available
2009/2010: Authors v.6 (G-P) E-15615 Available
2009/2010: Titles/Authors v.5 (W-Z/A-F) E-15615 Available
2009/2010: Titles v.1 (A-D) E-15615 Available
2009/2010: Titles v.2 (E-J) E-15615 Available
2009/2010: Titles v.3 (K-P) E-15615 Available
2009/2010: Titles v.4 (Q-V) E-15615 Available
2010/2011: Authors/Publishers v.7 (R-Z) E-16453 Available
2010/2011: Authors v.6 (F-Q) E-16453 Available
2010/2011: Titles/Authors v.5 (U-Z/A-E) E-16453 Available
2010/2011: Titles v.1 (A-Di) E-16453 Available
2010/2011: Titles v.2 (Dj-I) E-16453 Available
2010/2011: Titles v.3 (J-Ph) E-16453 Available
2010/2011: Titles v.4 (Pi-T) E-16453 Available
2011/2012: Authors v.6 (F-Q) E-17490 Available
2011/2012: Authors v.7 (R-Z) E-17490 Available
2011/2012: Titles/Authors v.5 (U-Z/A-E) E-17490 Available
2011/2012: Titles v.1 (A-Di) E-17490 Available
2011/2012: Titles v.2 (Dj-I) E-17490 Available
2011/2012: Titles v.3 (J-Ph) E-17490 Available
2011/2012: Titles v.4 (Pi-T) E-17490 Available
2012/2013: Authors v.6 (F-Q) E-17490 Available
2012/2013: Authors v.7 (R-Z) E-17490 Available
2012/2013: Titles/Authors v.5 (U-Z/A-E) E-17490 Available
2012/2013: Titles v.1 (A-Di) E-17490 Available
2012/2013: Titles v.2 (Dj-I) E-17490 Available
2012/2013: Titles v.3 (J-Ph) E-17490 Available
2012/2013: Titles v.4 (Pi-T) E-17490 Available
2013/2014: Authors/Publishers v.7 (R-Z) E-17490 Available
2013/2014: Authors v.6 (F-Q) E-17490 Available
2013/2014: Titles/Authors v.5 (U-Z/A-E) E-17490 Available
2013/2014: Titles v.1 (A-Di) E-17490 Available
2013/2014: Titles v.2 (Dj-I) E-17490 Available
2013/2014: Titles v.3 (J-Ph) E-17490 Available
2013/2014: Titles v.4 (Pi-T) E-17490 Available
2014/2015: Authors/Publishers v.7 (R-Z) E-18079 Available
2014/2015: Authors v.6 (F-Q) E-18079 Available
2014/2015: Titles/Authors v.5 (U-Z/A-E) E-18079 Available
2014/2015: Titles v.1 (A-Di) E-18079 Available
2014/2015: Titles v.2 (Dj-I) E-18079 Available
2014/2015: Titles v.3 (J-Ph) E-18079 Available
2014/2015: Titles v.4 (Pj-T) E-18079 Available
2015/2016: Authors/Publishers v.7 (R-Z) E-18079 Available
2015/2016: Authors v.6 (F-Q) E-18079 Available
2015/2016: Titles/Authors v.5 (U-Z/A-E) E-18079 Available
2015/2016: Titles v.1 (A-Di) E-18079 Available
2015/2016: Titles v.2 (Dj-I) E-18079 Available
2015/2016: Titles v.3 (J-Ph) E-18079 Available
2015/2016: Titles v.4 (Pi-T) E-18079 Available