Government publications relating to the Gambia, 1822-1965.

Includes government gazettes, annual reports, and extracts from blue books.

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Published: East Ardsley, Wakefield, Yorkshire, England : EP Microform, c1975.
Series:Government publications relating to African countries prior to independence.
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Global Resources Program:Cooperative Africana Materials Project (CAMP)

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Description Local Call Number Status
1828-1836 (Blue Books) MF-6189 r.3 Available
1837-1844 (Blue Books) MF-6189 r.4 Available
1845-1850 (Blue Books) MF-6189 r.5 Available
1851-1856 (Blue Books) MF-6189 r.6 Available
1857-1860 (Blue Books) MF-6189 r.7 Available
1861-1864 (Blue Books) MF-6189 r.8 Available
1864-1871 (Blue Books) MF-6189 r.10 Available
1865-1868 (Blue Books) MF-6189 r.9 Available
1872-1875 (Blue Books) MF-6189 r.11 Available
1876-1880 (Blue Books) MF-6189 r.12 Available
1881-1884 (Blue Books) MF-6189 r.13 Available
1885-1887 (Blue Books) MF-6189 r.14 Available
1888-1891 (Blue Books) MF-6189 r.17 Available
1888-1894 (Gazette) MF-6189 r.22 Available
1888-1913 (Annual Reports) MF-6189 r.16 Available
1892-1894 (Blue Books) MF-6819 r.18 Available
1895-1898 (Blue Books) MF-6189 r.19 Available
1895-1901 (Gazette) MF-6189 r.23 Available
1899-1907 (Blue Books) MF-6189 r.20 Available
1902-1904 (Gazette) MF-6189 r.24 Available
1905-1907 (Gazette) MF-6189 r.25 Available
1908-1909 (Gazette) MF-6189 r.26 Available
1908-1913 (Blue Books) MF-6189 r.21 Available
1910-1911 (Gazette) MF-6189 r.27 Available
1912-1913 (Gazette) MF-6189 r.28 Available
1914-1921 (Blue Books) MF-6189 r.30 Available
1914-1938 (Annual Reports) MF-6189 r.29 Available
1922-1929 (Blue Books) MF-6189 r.31 Available
1930-1935 (Blue Books) MF-6189 r.32 Available
1936-1938 (Blue Books) MF-6189 r.33 Available
1939-1941 (Blue Books) MF-6189 r.48 Available
1942-1943 (Blue Books) MF-6189 r.49 Available
1944-1945 (Blue Books) MF-6189 r.50 Available
1946-1964/65 (Annual Reports) MF-6189 r.47 Available