Pamphlets about Syria, and Pamphlets about Morocco.

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Corporate Authors: Syria. Wizārat al-Taʻlīm al-ʻĀlī, Arab Centre for the Studies of Arid Zones and Dry Lands, Arab Centre for Strategic Studies (Damascus, Syria), Rāyzanī-i Farhangī-i Jumhūrī-i Islāmī-i Īrān, Dār al-Baʻth lil-Ṣiḥāfah wa-al-Ṭibāʻah wa-al-Nashr wa-al-Tawzīʻ (Damascus, Syria), Ghurfat Tijārat Dimashq, Ghurfat Tijārat Ḥalab, Catholic Church. Patriarchate of Antioch (Melchite), Morocco. Maktab al-Waṭanī lil-Māʼ al-Ṣāliḥ lil-Shurb, Morocco. Wizārat al-ʻAdl, Jāmiʻat Muḥammad al-Khāmis. Maʻhad al-Dirāsāt al-Afrīqīyah
Published: Chicago, Ill. ; Bethlehem, Pa. : Microfilmed for Middle East Materials Project, the Center for Research Libraries, by Backstage Library Works, 2019.
Series:Library of Congress Arabic Pamphlet Collection ; Part 3.
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Global Resources Program:Middle East Materials Project (MEMP)

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Table of Contents:
  • Pamphlets about Syria.
  • Sy 1.1. Ministry of Education
  • Sy 2.1. Arab Center for the Studies of Arid Zones and Dry Lands (ACSAD)
  • Sy 3.1. Ministry of Local Administration and Environment
  • Sy 4.1-2. Arab Center for Strategic Studies
  • Sy 5.1. Latakkia Business Women Committee
  • Sy 6.1. Homs Chanber of Commerce and Industry, Business Women Committee
  • Sy 7.1. Cultural Center of the Islamic Republic of Iran
  • Sy 8.1. Dar Al-Ba'th for Printing and Publishing
  • Sy 9.1. al-Hadaf Center for Studies and Documentation (HADAF)
  • Sy 10.1. Damascus Chamber of Commerce
  • Sy 11.1. Chamber of Industry in Damascus, Industrial Business Women Committee
  • Sy 12.1. Chamber of Trade and Industry in Hama Trade & Industrial Business Women Committee in Hana
  • Sy 13.1-2. Aleppo Chamber of Commerce, Business Women Committee
  • Sy 14.1a-1e. Melkite Catholic Church, Aleppo.
  • Pamphlets about Morocco.
  • M 1.1. Kingdom of Morocco National Water Supply Agency - ONEP
  • M 2. Center for Human Rights Studies and Democracy
  • M 3. Ministry of Justice
  • M 4. Ministry of Social Development & Solidarity
  • M 5.1-8. Institute of African Studies
  • M 6.1-2. Office National de l'eau potable.