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J-9983 v.1, no.1-2 (Apr-Sep 1949)
J-8000 v.1, no.3 (1949/1950)
J-9983 v.1, no.4 (1949/1950)
J-8000 v.2 (1951)
J-5807 v.3-4 (1953-1956)
J-8000 v.5-6 (1957-1960)
J-5807 v.7-49 (1961-2003)
J-4662 v.50 (2004)
J-5807 v.54 (2008)
J-7938 v.55-57 (2009-2011)
J-9329 v.58 (2012)
J-4662 Index: v.1-46 (1949-2000)
J-4662 Index: v.1-49 (1949-2003)
WANT: v.51-53 (2005-2007); v.59 (2013)
WANT: Replace due to condition v.1, no.1-2 (Apr-Sep 1949), v.1, no.4 (1949/1950)

Item List

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Description Local Call Number Status
Index: v.1-46 (1949-2000) J-4662 Available
Index: v.1-49 (1949-2003) J-4662 Available
v.1, no.1-2 (Apr-Sep 1949) J-9983 Available
v.1, no.3 (1949/1950) J-8000 Available
v.1, no.4 (1949/1950) J-9983 Available
v.2 (1951) J-8000 Available
v.3-4 (1953-1956) J-5807 Available
v.5-6 (1957-1960) J-8000 Available
v.7-49 (1961-2003) J-5807 Available
v.50 (2004) J-4662 Available
v.54 (2008) J-5807 Available
v.55-57 (2009-2011) J-7938 Available
v.58 (2012) J-9329 Available