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Published: Chicago, Ill. : Field Museum of Natural History, 1912-1943.
Series:Publication (Field Museum of Natural History : 1909)
Related Items:Continues: Publication (Field Columbian Museum). Anthropological series
Continued by: Fieldiana. Anthropology


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[Note: volume numbering is not consecutive by date]
J-8851 v.10 (1912)
J-9587 v.11-13 (1912-1914)
J-8912 v.14 (1915/1922)
J-9587 v.15, no.1 (1915)
J-9825 v.15, no.2 (1917)
J-8912 v.15, no. 3 (1919)
J-9587 v.16 (1928/1931)
J-9825 v.17 (1927/1932)
J-9587 v.18-22 (1928/1931-1933)
J-8912 v.23 (1936/1939)
J-9587 v.24-29 (1936/1951-1939)
J-8851 v.30 (1940/1949)
J-9587 v.31-35 (1939-1943)
WANT: Replace due to reprint: v.15, no.2 (1917)

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Description Local Call Number Status
v.10 (1912) J-8851 Available
v.11-13 (1912-1914) J-9587 Available
v.14 (1915/1922) J-8912 Available
v.15, no.1 (1915) J-9587 Available
v.15, no.2 (1917) J-9825 Available
v.15, no. 3 (1919) J-8912 Available
v.16 (1928/1931) J-9587 Available
v.17 (1927/1932) J-9825 Available
v.18-22 (1928/1931-1933) J-9587 Available
v.23 (1936/1939) J-8912 Available
v.24-29 (1936/1951-1939) J-9587 Available
v.30 (1940/1949) J-8851 Available
v.31-35 (1939-1943) J-9587 Available