Bulletin - American Academy of Arts and Sciences.

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Corporate Author: American Academy of Arts and Sciences
Published: [Boston] American Academy of Arts and Sciences.


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J-8632 v.1, no.3, no.5 (1948)
J-8632 v.2-v.4, no.1 (1948-1950)
J-8632 v.8, no.1-2 (1954)
J-8632 v.8, no.4-7 (1955)
J-8632 v.9, no.3, no.6-7 (1955-1956)
J-8632 v.10, no.1, no.5-6 (1956-1957)
J-8632 v.13-v.14, no.3 (1959-1960)
J-8632 v.15-v.20, no.7 (1961-1967)
J-3917 v.35-39 (1981-1986)
J-4023 v.40-42 (1986-1989)
J-3917 v.43-44 (1989-1991)
J-4023 v.45 (1991/1992)
J-1818 v.46-47 (1992-1994)
J-3917 v.48-51 (1994-1998)
J-4023 v.52-53, no.4 (1998-2000)
WANT: v.1, no.1-2, no.4 (1948); v.4, no.2-8 (1950-1951); v.8, no.3, no.8 (1954-1955); v.9, no.1-2, no.4-5, no.8 (1955-1956); v.10, no.2-4, no.7-8 (1956-1957); v.14, no.4-8 (1960-1961); v.20, no.8 (1967); v.21-34 (1967-1980); v.52 (1998-1999) [replace photocopied pages]; v.53, no.5 and Special Issue (2000); v.54-69 (2000-2015)

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Description Local Call Number Status
v.1, no.3, no.5 (1948) J-8632 Available
v.2-v.4, no.1 (1948-1950) J-8632 Available
v.8, no.1-2 (1954) J-8632 Available
v.8, no.4-7 (1955) J-8632 Available
v.9, no.3, no.6-7 (1955-1956) J-8632 Available
v.10, no.1, no.5-6 (1956-1957) J-8632 Available
v.13-v.14, no.3 (1959-1960) J-8632 Available
v.15-v.20, no.7 (1961-1967) J-8632 Available
v.35-39 (1981-1986) J-3917 Available
v.40-42 (1986-1989) J-4023 Available
v.43-44 (1989-1991) J-3917 Available
v.45 (1991/1992) J-4023 Available
v.46-47 (1992-1994) J-1818 Available
v.48-51 (1994-1998) J-3917 Available
v.52-53, no.4 (1998-2000) J-4023 Available