AFL and CIO pamphlets, 1889-December 1955, held in the AFL-CIO library : a collection of the official publications of the American Federation of Labor and the congress of Industrial Organization from 1889 to the AFL-CIO merger in December 1955

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Corporate Authors: AFL-CIO, AFL-CIO. Library
Published: Westport, Conn. : Greenwood Press, 1977.
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Description Local Call Number Status
no.1-55 (1889-1912) MF-14103 r.1 Available
no.1-62 (1935-1941) MF-14103 r.13 Available
no.56-105 (1913-1920) MF-14103 r.2 Available
no.63-101 (1942-1943) MF-14103 r.14 Available
no.102-136 (1944) MF-14103 r.15 Available
no.106-164 (1921-1925) MF-14103 r.3 Available
no.137-177 (1945-1949) MF-14103 r.16 Available
no.165-528 (1926-1929) MF-14103 r.4 Available
no.178-208 (1950-1952) MF-14103 r.17 Available
no.209-257 (1953-1954) MF-14103 r.18 Available
no.258-288 (1955-Unident years) MF-14103 r.19 Available
no.259-324 (1930-1932) MF-14103 r.5 Available
no.325-408 (1933-1937) MF-14103 r.6 Available
no.409-484 (1938-1942) MF-14103 r.7 Available
no.485-568 (1943-1946) MF-14103 r.8 Available
no.569-615 (1947-1950) MF-14103 r.9 Available
no.616-646 (1951-1952) MF-14103 r.10 Available
no.643-673 (1953-1954) MF-14103 r.11 Available
no.674-752 (1955-Unident. years) MF-14103 r.12 Available