United Irish League

William O'Brien, founder of the United Irish League. The United Irish League (UIL) was a nationalist political party in Ireland, launched 23 January 1898 with the motto ''"The Land for the People"''. Its objective to be achieved through agrarian agitation and land reform, compelling larger grazier farmers to surrender their lands for redistribution among the small tenant farmers. Founded and initiated at Westport, County Mayo by William O'Brien, it was supported by Michael Davitt MP, John Dillon MP, who worded its constitution, Timothy Harrington MP, John O'Connor Power MP and the Catholic clergy of the district. By 1900 it had expanded to be represented by 462 branches in twenty-five counties. Provided by Wikipedia
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    Published 1899
    Dublin : Edward Donnelly, 1899-1909.
    8 v.
    ...United Irish League...
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    by Dillon, John, 1851-1927
    Published 1909
    [London?] : United Irish League of Great Britain, [1909?]
    8 p. ; 22 cm.
    ...United Irish League of Great Britain...

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