Theognis of Megara

A scene from Plato's philosophical work [[The Symposium Theognis of Megara (, ''Théognis ho Megareús'') was a Greek lyric poet active in approximately the sixth century BC. The work attributed to him consists of gnomic poetry quite typical of the time, featuring ethical maxims and practical advice about life. He was the first Greek poet known to express concern over the eventual fate and survival of his own work and, along with Homer, Hesiod and the authors of the Homeric Hymns, he is among the earliest poets whose work has been preserved in a continuous manuscript tradition (the work of other archaic poets is preserved as scattered fragments). In fact more than half of the extant elegiac poetry of Greece before the Alexandrian period is included in the approximately 1,400 lines of verse attributed to him (though several poems traditionally attributed to him were composed by others, e.g. Solon, Euenos). Some of these verses inspired ancient commentators to value him as a moralist yet the entire corpus is valued today for its "warts and all" portrayal of aristocratic life in archaic Greece.

The verses preserved under Theognis' name are written from the viewpoint of an aristocrat confronted by social and political revolution typical of Greek cities in the archaic period. Part of his work is addressed to Cyrnus, who is presented as his ''erōmenos''. The author of the poems celebrated him in his verse and educated him in the aristocratic values of the time, yet Cyrnus came to symbolize much about his imperfect world that the poet bitterly resented:

| To all to whom there is pleasure in song and to people yet unborn :You also will be a song, while the earth and sun remain, Yet I am treated by you without even the least mark of respect :And, as if I were a child, you have deceived me with words.}}

In spite of such self-disclosures, almost nothing is known about Theognis the man: little is recorded by ancient sources and modern scholars question the authorship of most of the poems preserved under his name. Provided by Wikipedia
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    by Theognis
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    by Theocritus
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    Other Authors: ...Theognis...
  5. 5
    by Theocritus
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    Impressum Venetiis [Venice] : ac studio Aldi Manucii, 1495 [i.e., 1496?]
    [140] leaves ; 33 cm. (fol.)
    Other Authors: ...Theognis...

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