Arthur Ruppin

Arthur Ruppin Arthur Ruppin (1 March 1876 – 1 January 1943) was a German Zionist proponent of pseudoscientific race theory and one of the founders of the city of Tel Aviv. Appointed director of Berlin's Bureau for Jewish statistics (''Büro für Statistik der Juden'') in 1904, he moved to Palestine in 1907, and from 1908 was the director of the Palestine Office of the Zionist Organization in Jaffa, organizing Zionist immigration to Palestine. In 1926, Ruppin joined the faculty of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and founded the Department for the Sociology of the Jews. Described posthumously as the "founder of German-Jewish demography" and "father of Israeli sociology", his best known sociological work was ''The Jews in the Modern World'' (1934). Provided by Wikipedia
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  1. 1
    by Ruppin, Arthur, 1876-1943
    Published 1934
    Paris : Payot, 1934.
    387 p. ; 23 cm.
  2. 2
    by Ruppin, Arthur, 1876-1943
    Published 1902
    Halle a.S., S. Schlesingers buchdruckerei, 1902.
    2 p. l., 49 p., 1 l. 22 cm.
  3. 3
    by Ruppin, Arthur, 1876-1943
    Published 1913
    New York, Holt, 1913.
    xxii, 310 p. tables. 20 cm.

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